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<nettime> Interview in Russia
kenjisiratori.com on Sun, 29 Jan 2006 22:16:38 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Interview in Russia

Interview in Russia:

  Q: What motives does lay behind your writings?
  A: My writing resembles in my nervous system. Word transfigures to a
neuromatic object, my brain becomes a mass of flesh more. Everything begin
from plug-in! Surface of the monitor is my head....amputate the creature

  Q: Our most valuable readership are underground artists. Was it hard for
you to get recognized and published? Some comments
     on process?
  A: As the universal language, I remix my work on my writing process. At
first my works was treated as the codework. By fusing with spam technology,
my works had become neuromatic more. Stephen Barber said that Siratori
transmits his authentic, category-A hallucinogenic product direct to his
reader's cerebellum.

  Q: Key events in your writing career:
  A: Probably my all works will become DNA of "Blood Electric". My writing
career has been generated spirally from "Blood Electric". When David Bowie
loves "Blood Electric", I respire his brain era.

  Q: What best describes your work - a comparison to program syntax or an
analogue to data optimization/compression?
  A: My work accelerates by the data-spiral. By the deconstruction of DNA
program the creature code invades our cerebral cortex. Control the genomic

  Q: Some comments on key concepts in your writings:
  A: Ok. Gene-war....corpse city....brain universe....drug
fetus....abolition world.... Mankind scan the strategy of HIV to a monitor
screen. Chimpanzee goes to the cosmic drugstore!

  Q: How do you perceive your desired readership?
  A: WEB is the cerebral cortex of readers. I stimulate their brain by the
spam technology of the genome. My writing goes straight to the data-highway.
Amputate the creature code!

  Q: There is a major copyright controversy between Russian free online
libraries and some publishing houses. What is
     your personal position on an issue of online text distribution?
  A: Copyright is a biological spell for me. Death is the copyright of
mankind. Explode the gene-war for the self-control of copyright!

  Q: What is your opinion on "classic" cyberpunk (Gibson, Sterling, etc.) ?
Name your favourite books/other art?
  A: CyberDisneyland!? My favourite books are Irvine Welsh's Filth and Chuck
Palahniuk's Lullaby and Jeff Noon's Vurt. My favourite music is Massive
Attack' 100th Window. I wrote "CyberReptilian.com" while hearing this CD.

  Q: Can you tell us about Japanese cyberpunk scene? Key figures, events,
artwork that deserves attention?
  A: Japanese cyberpunk scene is digital-psychopath and techono-gothic
puppet. Gimmick! Gimmick! Gimmick!

  Q: When it comes to Japanese cyberpunk, many of our readers will
immediately recall "Blame!" manga and anime by
     Tsutomu Nihei. What do you think of this artwork?
  A: Genetic violence.

  Q: Your thoughts and emotions about cyberpunk scene in general:
  A: Cyberpunk is a mobile engine for the creature code.  To explode the
gene-war to the cerebral cortex. To scatter a nerve-node to the data-spiral.
Debug mankind!

  Q: "KILL ALL MACHINES!" - what do you mean by that?
  A: Toward the deconstructive human! Execute the nerve murder!

  Q: A concept of Technological Singularity - what do you think of it?
  A: As if HIV is scanned on my cerebral cortex.... I'm faced to the
gene-war exceeding chemical violence. Spiral literature!

  Q: Techno music - does it inspires your work? Can you name particular
performers whom you do like? Comments on Japanese
     techno scene and Tokyo Techno Tribe, if any?
  A: Aphex Twin. My writing hunts techno music.  Log-in the brain of the

  Q: Your book "Blood Electric" is going to be published in Russia. What
would you like to tell to your Russian readers?
  A: My cerebral cortex beats to the Russian underground. Participate in the
gene-war! Amputate the creature code!

  Thank you.

Kenji Siratori

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