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<nettime> Science fiction
Bruce Sterling on Thu, 11 May 2006 09:13:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Science fiction

*Far be it from me to pitch science fiction to Nettime, but, well,
this is clearly a brand-new work of science fiction entirely centered
around the notion of tactical media.  Really.  No kidding.

And it's from Texas.



"Welcome Back Qatar"

by Chris Nakashima-Brown.

My cue came as I looked out the window at the smoking ruins of 
Riyadh's southeastern quarter.

"What this town really needs," said the Vice President, "is a Hooters."

Prince Salman scratched his scalp through his kuffiyeh headgear. The 
Minister of Culture's briefing papers neglected to mention the Veep's 

tenure on the Board of a global restaurant franchise during the 

"Maybe even a couple of them," added the Vice President.

"What is . . ."

"Family-style restaurant," interrupted the Vice President. "Sports 
TV, chicken wings, cute waitresses. Hard to explain if you haven't 
seen one. They have one in Cater."

"Qatar," corrected a pinstriped aide. "Like the TV show."

"Whatever. Didn't used to be. But they have a very nice new Hooters. 
Even imported the waitresses. Mostly from the flagship in Boca, I hear."

In the plaza outside, a pair of UN armored personnel carriers worked 
their way through the rubble, prowling for stray mujahideen. I saw 
phantoms of its reinvention: Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Warner 

Brothers Studio Store, mega-Starbucks. Anchors for a sprawling retail 
complex staffed by a legion of thonged Method dropouts. The Mall-al-

The Vice President fidgeted in his wool suit (...)

(((etc etc etc)))=

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