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<nettime> Command of the Commons
Soenke Zehle on Thu, 11 May 2006 09:13:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Command of the Commons

Please note that "threats emanating in the global commons" will be
addressed in business casual (polo shirts and slacks for _all_
participants), military personnel desiring to wear uniforms should wear
khaki (for Navy) or service equivalent, Soenke

Global Legal Challenges:
Command of the Commons, Strategic Communications, and Natural Disasters


To bring together a colloquium of international law scholars,
practitioners and students to examine legal standards applicable to
pressing global challenges =96 the global commons, strategic
communications and natural disasters.

Towards this goal, the conference sponsors have invited renowned
international scholars and practitioners, military and civilian, and
students representing government and academic institutions. There will
be five panel discussions and four keynote speakers.

The first day will be devoted to the global commons, with a keynote
address by Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense, the
Honorable Paul McHale. Secretary McHale will broadly frame the legal and
policy issues related to defending the homeland from threats emanating
in the global commons.

The first day will continue with two panel discussions on the issue of
"command of the commons" =96 from a United States and an international

The second day will be devoted to global communications, with the
keynote address by the Legal Advisor to the Secretary of State,
Honorable John B. Bellinger, III. This day=92s panels will address the
relationship between international law and national security policy, and
the challenges of international strategic communications.

The third day will address responses to global disasters in Indonesia,
Pakistan and New Orleans, and the legal challenges related thereto.

It is intended that all those attending the conference will be integral
participants in this colloquium. The United States Naval War College
will publish the conference proceedings.


Business casual (polo shirts and slacks) for all participants.

Military personnel desiring to wear uniforms should wear khaki (for
Navy) or service equivalent.

For reservations call 401-732-6000, and reference "INTERNATIONAL LAW"

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