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Re: <nettime> nettimespace unentangled - part 3
John on Thu, 22 Jun 2006 11:07:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> nettimespace unentangled - part 3

brian carroll wrote:
> [a few more ideas on perspective, identity, ideas, public reasoning...]
> - ---
> * the purpose of writing all of this, is that the basic situation for =20=
> sharing ideas both online and offline today happens largely within a =20
> context of dysfunction, which appears to have a role in undermining =20
> the ability to _reason ideas, successfully, versus failing to engage =20
> in this process of refinement which enables greater understanding.
 > . . .


After carefully reading through your first and second parts of 
"nettimespace unentangled", I have come to several conclusions which I 
believe are important enough that they be stated publicly on the nettime 
list.  They are as follows:

1) While your writings make frequently interesting points, they are too 
verbose.  Extended length is acceptable if the author writes on 
exceedingly complex topics or for audiences with backgrounds outside of 
the subject matter under discussion.

2) The torrent of words you produce overwhelm any meritorious ideas or 
suggestions potentially found in them.  When such writing is reasonably 
focused, readers would still parse out the useful gems and 
enthusiastically respond to them.  Unfortunately, reading through posts 
like "nettimespace unentangled" makes one feel like a hapless Cretan 
thrown into the Labyrinth.  The difference being that the Cretan had 
something worthwhile to show for his efforts at escaping the maze.

3) In one of your recent posts you mentioned that no one replies to your 
postings.  This is probably because, like me, many nettimers believe 
that if they are going to respond to a post they should respond in a 
meaningful way.  Unfortunately, large blocks of hazy text do not lend 
themselves to any sort of back and forth.

In short, I believe that if you show the nettime mailing list that you 
care about those who have to read what you wrote by economizing on words 
and sharpening the message, they will respond in kind by caring about 
what you have to say.

John S.

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