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Re: <nettime> Iraq: The Way Forward
porculus on Sat, 6 Jan 2007 23:45:57 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Iraq: The Way Forward

> If part of the reason for wars like this one is Americans' lack of
> knowledge about the rest of the world, perhaps it will be necessary to
> remedy that problem in order to avoid future Iraqs.

rohaa, still, americanz are always good guies & when they ball up it's cause
they dont know or are not informed..manipulated or worst it's the devil
itself that take all his precious time for filling in their each blue eyes
wiz opaque shit etc. if americanz cant abdicate their faith in their own
good will. it's due to some fictionnal virtual feed back where americanz in
movie are never bad ones. idiot sometimes, what is not a sine in front of
god, but bad, no!
it's not my fault but where have you ever hear about 'lack of knoowledge'
for tony blair & all brit support to americanz for breeding in mass tiny
unioonjack & starz & stripez on earth nearly as more than in a 007 flick?
hach..do they both need 'better understanding of the rest of the world?' for
better scenarii & green back ?
rooh..but when the fuck al jazera would run some global sit com & moviez
where 100 cia would die befor the end of the credits plus all the ones
after, for my part i wouldnt be hurted if all the majordomo of the palaces
would be chatterbox italians, the maids & servants some stinking frenchs,
the chauffeurs, doner eater sweaty big germans, & all receptionnist short
sighted belgian, i mean all as usual, i wouldnt care if the moviez run good
: i mean with dress cut super low in the back if hidjab is require plus a
picture of mahmoud ahmaninedjab wearing real short for playing football in
the secret service office miss chief ..who would care of all the green flag
all over zen in the background..ok you would say..i cant only understand so
good trick as fartman ones, mucho heavy und popular etc.but hey americanz
are not alwez alwez wrong..cause as simpson perhaps i found the mahmoud 's
one about final solution contest drawing a bit too much intellectual,
elitist even..zen killing americanz a la sergio leone could be funny..und
remember he he didnt give a damn fuck to drag texas in some spanish sierra,
with some ugly nags the frenchs did want to eat, no need of green cards

> In saying that
> this is a "teachable moment"

in pumping tone of virtual led in their fucking ass!
so..when the fuck would it sound 'moteur! et 'action' in sahara?..for 007 to
die of tetanos or tourista would be fair, for the rest of europe a good tip
would be quite enuf..thank you with mucho lowbow

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