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<nettime> networked theatre of the opressed
Pit Schultz on Thu, 1 Feb 2007 06:39:39 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> networked theatre of the opressed

networked theatre of the opressed

first informal SL theatre group meeting in bootlab berlin
sunday february 6, noon (brunch time, 12.00 h)
tucholsky stra??e 6

the dictatorship of the bourgoise melodrama stage has been an
inspiration to living theatre, brecht, boal, and many. by combining
the poetics of storytelling, digital narrative and network
performing, the ghostly streets of second life become an open stage
where the practice of everydaylife becomes the raw material for
political intervention thru classical drama, literature and net.art
techniques. it is time for the triple alienation of the cyburbian

second life's publicity is generated outside of the internet based on old
media PR, circumenting the rest of the net. it is a newbie honeypot,
or a themepark for cyberspace history most of all it is a "opera buffa"
a theater of vulgarities, and shallow motivations, certainly more reality
than what the cultural institution of the theatre has to offer today.

in our first 2 hour practise meeting we want to discuss possibilities of
stage design, choreographic moves, myths and topoi, requisites
and figurines, sketches of existing 3d datasets and scripting knowledge,
we want to identify interesting text resources and invite people researching
the  field, detecting possibilities for a theater of net.art 2.0 etc. pp.
not just revolting but playing with the zombie cybermyths of SL.

the second life can not be lived rightly...

- how can you have virtual sex and no virtual communism?
- between underworld and purgatory, spaces for the organized networks of 
- did 1995 avatar utopia needed lindon economy to reach the masses.
- there are more than 3 million condemned waiting for liberation.
- come and sacrifice your pets at a pergamon temple.
- a virtual world is impossible. lindon dollars are halluzinogenic.
- california dreaming, do you feel the network effect?
- zoylent green is us!
- instalaremos la primera antena zapatista de radio insurgente y la
otra campa??a en second life.


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