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<nettime> STASI 2.0 & Academics Under Arrest
jamie king on Tue, 9 Oct 2007 00:08:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> STASI 2.0 & Academics Under Arrest


Apologies for the group mail-out. :)

We've recently started making short news reports for Current.TV, the
independent media channel led by former us Vice Presidents Al Gore and
businessman Joel Hyatt.

Our first report considers the erosion of civil liberties in Germany and
looks at the case of some German academics arrested under laws designed to
deal with domestic terrorism. These issues are of course of serious concern
to all of us -- particularly the strategy of using anti-terror laws to
harass people engaged in activities a state might consider counter to its

You can watch the report here, which we made at a recent demo in Berlin, and
also link to it in any blog posts etc. you may wish to make around the


*If you have the time to make an account at Current.tv, we would greatly
appreciate it if you voted our piece UP. It is in this way that our report
reaches the Current satellite TV channel and we receive more viewers &
compensation for our work!

Last but not least, if you would prefer not to receive any more notes about
our reports, do mail me and let me know. (This week's report is going to be
from the occupied bike factory in Nordhausen.)



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