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<nettime> Changes at nettime
nettime's crew of janitors on Wed, 10 Oct 2007 14:31:38 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Changes at nettime

Dear Nettimers,

following the move to kein.org, we are updating our infrastructure in
moderate ways. The basics won't change. To post a message to the list,
sent it, as usual, to nettime-l {AT} kein.org; administrative requests
to nettime {AT} kein.org. The list archive is still at www.nettime.org.
Nothing new here.

New is that we are now using mailman, and no longer majordomo. The
software package majordomo has not been actively maintained for
several years, and it really shows. Nettime-l-digest, for example, was
broken beyond repair. Spam handling sucked and lots of little asks had
to be done manually. Switching to mailman also reduces server load at
kein.org significantly.

Now that we are using mailman, you can subscribe, unsubscribe und
change the subscription details over the web. The address to do so is:

-> http://mail.kein.org/mailman/listinfo/nettime-l

You find this address also in the updated footer at the end of this
and all future nettime messages.

To manage your subscription via email, send a message with subject or
body 'help' to nettime-l-request AT kein.org

We assume that most of you are familiar with mailman [1] and its mainy
features, so we don't go into details here.

There is a minor hick-up. Mailman requires a password for you to
change your subscription setttings, which you don't have yet. To get
one, please use the feature called "password reminder" that will
generate a new password and mail it to your subscription address.

We hope that this change, though minor, is beneficial to everyone of
you. It will certainly make (server) maintainance easier, more secure
and stable for kein.org.

Ted Byfield
Florian Schneider
Felix Stalder

[1] http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html

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