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Re: <nettime> Goodbye Classic ?
Gita Hashemi on Wed, 7 Nov 2007 16:04:25 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Goodbye Classic ?

At 9:36 AM -0300 11/7/07, yaco wrote:
>a point that i think is missing in this discussion is that the
>hardware itself is an important part of the work.

to me this is a very important point. as we're pushed by the industry
to upgrade every 15 minutes, we've come to think of the hardware as
disposable and, at times, irrelevant. as a producer of a couple of
those 'classic' cd-roms and watching how quickly that technology
(which should be considered distinct from audio cds as a medium) was
replaced in the 90s, i've kept the hardware on which my pieces were
produced and for which they were optimized. actually now i consider
the cd-r piece inseparable from the hardware, and it's not just a
question of whether it can be run on a new os. for example, in early-
to even late-90s, most people were optimizing for 640x480 and at
the most 800x600 screen resolution, even in netart productions. now
those pieces get lost on the much higher-res screens. these and other
similar issues have been considerations for many artists that i know.
rhizome's art base very specifically asks for platform and software
specificity when they collect a work (including browsers, for netart
- even if it uses only html - is also heavily marked by the specifics
of the technology of its time and is not always transferrable to new
soft-hardware configurations).

i don't think the importance of earlier works is lost on everybody.
for example, agence topo in montreal - a collection and distribution
center - has a fairly large collection of early 'classic' cd-rs. their
call for titles is below for your reference.

be well.



L'Agence TOPO cherche de nouveaux titres multimédias
pour sa Vitrine électronique.
+++++++  English version follows

L'Agence TOPO est un organisme à but non lucratif voué à la
création, la production, la diffusion et la distribution d'¦uvres
multimédias. Afin de développer le catalogue de titres de notre
Vitrine électronique, nous recherchons actuellement de nouvelles
créations à distribuer.

La Vitrine électronique de l'Agence TOPO -
www.AgenceTOPO.qc.ca/vitrine - est un espace de référence, de
promotion et de vente de cd-roms, de dvd-roms, de dvds-vidéo
interactifs et de projets d'édition incorporant une ¦uvre
multimédia sur support numérique.

L'Agence TOPO s'intéresse aux ¦uvres artistiques produites au
Canada ainsi qu'aux productions internationales témoignant d'une
recherche sur la structure narrative, la création visuelle ou la
scénarisation multimédia. Les ¦uvres de notre catalogue actuel
s'inscrivent parmi l'une ou l'autre des catégories suivantes :
fiction multimédia, poétique ou aléatoire, poésie interactive
ou aléatoire, bédérom, art interactif, vidéo interactive,
dvd-vidéo, ¦uvre de référence. À cette liste peut s'ajouter
tout type d'¦uvre dont la dynamique interactive originale, le
type de contenu présenté ou la thématique souscrit aux lignes
éditoriales de la Vitrine. Les portfolios d'artistes, les catalogues
et les sites internet enregistrés sur cd ou dvd ne seront pas

Avec son catalogue d'¦uvres (créées depuis 1995), la Vitrine
retrace certains jalons de la passionnante histoire des arts
interactifs sur support numérique, de l'évolution des technologies
utilisées et d'un langage en devenir. Nous invitons donc la
communauté des arts médiatiques à y contribuer en proposant de
nouveaux titres à notre comité de sélection. N'hésitez pas à
nous contacter pour plus d'information ou même nous informer d'une
production en cours que vous aimeriez proposer.

Vous trouverez un formulaire interactif en ligne
à l'adresse suivante :

Merci de votre collaboration.

Agence TOPO
A/s Clara Bonnes / Sandra Dubé
5455, de Gaspé, #1001
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H2T 3B3
Tél. (514) 279-8676

Agence TOPO is looking for multimedia titles
to expand its Electronic Showcase

Agence TOPO is an artist-run center dedicated to the production,
creation, dissemination and distribution of independant multimedia
works. We currently aim to expand our on-line catalogue of multimedia
titles distributed through our online Electronic Showcase.

The Electronic Showcase of the TOPO Agency -
www.AgenceTOPO.qc.ca/showcase - is a site of reference, promotion and
sale of interactive cd-roms, dvd-roms, video dvds and other artistic
publications integrating a multimedia component.

Agence TOPO is interested by artistic artworks from Canada and
abroad, innovatives in terms of narrative structure, artistic content
or interactive strategies. The artworks of our current catalogue
fall within one of the following categories: multimedia fiction,
narrative, poetic or random, interactive or random poetry, interactive
cartoon, interactive art, interactive video, dvd-video and reference
work. To this list can be added any other type of artwork involving
an original interactive dynamic, a content or a thematic that
responds to the editorial lines of the Electronic Showcase. Artist's
portfolios, catalogues, and Web sites reproduced on a cd/dvd will not
be considered.

By referencing and distributing works created since 1995, the
Electronic Showcase retraces some reference points in the short
history of interactive art on a physical media, the evolution of
technology and the definition of a new language.

We thus invite the multimedia artistic community to propose new titles
to our selection committee. Do not hesitate to contact us for more
information or even to let us know about an ongoing project you would
like to suggest.

You will find an interactive form online at

Thank you for your collaboration.

Agence TOPO
C/o Clara Bonnes / Sandra Dubé
5455, de Gaspé, #1001
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H2T 3B3
Tél. (514) 279-8676

CD/DVD Vitrine/Showcase - Agence TOPO
Clara Bonnes
Tel.: (514) 279-8676

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