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<nettime> Martial Repression & Protest in Pakistan
yasir ~ on Tue, 20 Nov 2007 05:36:57 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Martial Repression & Protest in Pakistan

Pakistan's two worlds (07 Nov)
Saskia Sassen

As the day proceeded, the same dynamic repeated itself - a stark
disconnect between what I saw on television and my experience of the
city's streets. And Lahore was the centre of arrests of lawyers on
that day.


SMS Update  {AT}  1949: Vigil at Geo » (19 Nov)

[Background : In an unprecedented move, Pakistani authorities which
had already cut off cable distribution of news channels Geo and ARY
within Pakistan, successfully exerted pressure on a third country the
UAE (Dubai Media City)  to also cut-off their global satellite feeds.
UAE as an emerging media and financial hub is treading delicately,
while the US Ambassdor Anne Patterson and Benazir Bhutto visited Geo
TV's offices in Karachi to express support for free media. Geo is now
being broadcast on the internet since the martial law was imposed on
November 03.]


Intelligentsia Finds Ways to Beat Emergency Rule (09 Nov)
Beena Sarwar

Faced with a continuing news blackout and with street protests being
met with police beatings and imprisonment, members of Pakistan's civil
society who oppose the 'emergency', imposed by President Gen. Pervez
Musharraf a week ago, are finding alternative ways to express dissent.


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