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Re: <nettime> France unveils anti-"piracy" plan
J Rabie on Tue, 27 Nov 2007 05:05:06 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> France unveils anti-"piracy" plan

Hallo all,

France has finally "upgraded" to the 21st century with the oh so very
modern Nicolas Sarkozy, friend of Bush and of all persons in the
business world with large salaries, big houses and luxurious yachts,
but especially the press magnates and arms merchants.

The presidential elections were a disaster, not only because of the
insipid Segolene, but because on the left of the left, between Greens
and Communists and Trotskyists and Altermondialistes, all attempts to
create a unified front came to nothing. Ever since, the Collectives
that have survived have been trying to get a movement going - this
weekend there will be a meeting in Paris ("les Assises") to try and
advance on democratic structure and the political project.

The altermondialistes are trying to structure as well, in an autonomous
way... here is our manifesto (a working document):



Le 26 nov. 07, à 15:19, Alex Foti a écrit :

> the digital equivalent of chopping off the hands of supposed
> thieves... this bonapartist bastard is really someone we should all
> unite against, online and offline.

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