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Re: <nettime> First thoughts on the American election
brian on Thu, 6 Nov 2008 03:16:43 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> First thoughts on the American election

These are great comments, useful, basic, from the place where it is 

Dan's perspective on the marginal but real role of the Left (as opposed 
to the Democratic Center) are what merit attention everywhere that such 
a divide exists. What do we do in the face of majorities or at least, 
power blocs, which do not satisfy us, and in the face of our own 
marginalized "identities," which at times appear so inconsequential but 
are utlimately what we have got? And not the worst end of the deal either?

I think it is time for the far Left to argue propositionally, without 
forgetting where we come from and what we believe and aspire to. The 
fallback to whatever base and sphere of activity one has is always a 
possibility, always a necessity. But this is a moment to push the 
mainstream. Every theme we have ever rallied around, fought over or 
against, is now on the table, not only in the USA but everywhere. War, 
racism, social programs, climate change, financialization, to name only 
the most huge: all these issues are now up for grabs. It would be a pity 
if the exponentially great grandchildren of Marx and Bakunin did not 
have something real to say right now.

best, Brian

Dan S. Wang wrote:

> Anyone else?  --dsw
> Already there?s been quite a bit of writing, remarking, and blogging on the
> Obama victory as a sort of national catharsis. But like the fluid identity
> of Obama himself, the emotional healing enters the picture from any number
> of angles. Here?s mine.

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