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Re: <nettime> second thoughts on the American election
John Hopkins on Thu, 6 Nov 2008 17:27:08 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> second thoughts on the American election

>These are great comments, useful, basic, from the place where it is

just a few fast words:

speaking from rural Arizona, a couple km from where McCain gave his last
rally (featuring Hank Williams, Junior) after midnight on Monday and where
Dick Cheney recently bought a large chunk of land to 'retire' to: I would
disagree alarmingly with the term 'chatter' -- it's at minimum a
foaming-at-the-mouth snarl that will proceed to shred any and everything
that surfaces media-wise and Washington-wise that the 'Left' will attempt
or do until the self-same wolves return to power.  The machine grinds on.
I agree with Brian -- EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE is not only on the table, but
it is in the advanced stages of being carved up by the same-old same-old
forces and webs of power, whatever you want to call them.  And it's all
heightened (esp here in the US) by this now
backed-up-to-the-wall-and-deeply-paranoic population segment who refuse any
change, and difference, anything that compromises their GOD-GIVEN right to
continue feasting on the GOD-GIVEN cake that they are already stuffed with.

The first thing I heard this morning (live, not in the media) was a
question along the lines of what's the first Marxist move that Obama will
make?  Suspending freedom of speech?

I kid you not.  These people are warped extremists by any global standard.
They will not 'give up' anything, they will not engage in any civil society
unless they control it.

My friend Frieder Nake reminded me a couple days ago: "The anarchists have
this beautiful principal line: If elections were capable of changing
anything, they would long have been forbidden."

If I can stomach it, I'll go to the local Mega-Church (where the parking
lot is full of large pick-up trucks and the 'clientele' arrive with NRA
tee-shirts and travel mugs of coffee) and bring a report here.  These
people are real, they love GOD and and will do anything to anybody who
stands in the way of what God rightfully gave them...


and for those of you outside the US (inside, too!) -- remember that
'landslide' as defined in US media can be as little as 2% of the
population.  With the last numbers I had, Obama's 'landslide' historic
momentous incredible astonishing revolutionary win was by 2.4% of the
population.  It may be more temporary a situation than anyone of us would


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