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Re: <nettime> scattered thoughts on Obama's green empire and black new d
Benedict Seymour on Sat, 8 Nov 2008 04:17:09 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> scattered thoughts on Obama's green empire and black new deal

Are you on drugs? Three decades of free market theology are about to be 
ramified over the dead and unemployed bodies of black and white working 
class americans (not to mention whoever else the next round of wars take 
as their humanitarian aid victims). This sickening, almost 1930s-style 
explosion of nationalist and racist 'euphoria' is bad enough, but seeing 
the demoradicals of europe celebrating it as the beginning of some new 
new deal (remember the original New Deal ends in WW2; You don't get one 
without the other - and, this little detail aside, FDR's policies were 
as racist and punitive to blacks - eg on housing - as Obama's will be) 
is a grotesque joke.
Makes me glad not to be european or american but communist when i read 
this disgusting propaganda for a faltering system. we should be working 
out how to kick it down, not engineering the next wave of destruction.
Get a grip.

Alex Foti wrote:

> Obama's victory brings a wave of optimism and after all these years of
> darkness and obscurantism it is refreshing. His administration should
> also chart a fairly liberal, ecokeynesian course in socioeconomic
> policy. The gross inequalities created by three decades of free-market
> theology are likely to be reversed.

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