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Re: <nettime> second thoughts on the American election
brian on Sat, 8 Nov 2008 06:51:14 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> second thoughts on the American election

ernieyacub {AT} gmail.com wrote:

> Why I FEAR Obama like no other, like no other  Ignorance Is Futile!
> *"...The Answer:* Nobody can possibly subdue the masses like Obama can.
> That's why he's the Ruling Establishment's man. After 8 years of BushCo.stigation. 
> over half the population aren't just pissed, they're in complete distrust of
> the government in general. The control scheme to keep us ignorant and asleep
> is falling apart at the seams. And even more important than just having a
> pissed off political party the nations youth are waking up at an 'alarming'
> rate. 

Yeah, I totally agree. The system will be happy if everyone goes back 
into their trance now. The historical job of the American Left is to 
press for social movements and sound the alarm on foreign policy, same 
as in any of the Western imperialist countries but worse in the USA. 
This guy Rahm Emmanuel is a nightmare. Actually in terms of records, Joe 
Biden has quite a bad one too. Now we have elected these guys, it was 
the necessary choice, the Great Moment is over and it is already time to 
follow their moves, report on them, protest against stupid decisions and 
try to build the radical democracy and social justice movements. No one 
should be surprised if Obama has a honeymoon with the public for a 
while. In the meantime we should look for the new analysis and the new 
organizing tools to put the pressure on the new machine. Life goes on...

As for Counterpunch I think it is a damn good source of news in general, 
well, if you filter it a little anyway.

best, Brian

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