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nettime's_recount on Sun, 9 Nov 2008 04:15:19 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> what's green and black and second digest [yacub, touchon, cubitt, (net)]

Re: <nettime> the green and the black digest [seymour/byfield x2, hart]
          ernieyacub {AT} gmail.com
          Cecil Touchon <touchon {AT} sprynet.com>
Re: second thoughts on the American election
          Sean Cubitt <scubitt {AT} unimelb.edu.au>
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Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 08:56:10 -0800
From: ernieyacub {AT} gmail.com
Subject: Re: <nettime> the green and the black digest [seymour/byfield x2, hart]

i don't know what obomba is going to do for the white, black and green folk
in the homeland, but we knew before the euphoria that he was going to bomb
the shit out of the tribal areas, increase military spending, and probably
go after the recalcitrant south americanos.

with the appointment of rahm emmanuel, we now know the genocide in the holy
land will continue apace.

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Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 11:07:57 -0800
From: Cecil Touchon <touchon {AT} sprynet.com>
Subject: Re: <nettime> the green and the black digest [seymour/byfield x2,

In response to "Why is everyone so happy that Obama won?"

Actually I think different groups of people are jubilant for several 
different sets of reasons.

1) For the black community this was big, there is clearly going to be a 
new look at the american dream and the Black community's place in it.
2) Democrats are happy because their candidate won
3) some are happy because Bush is leaving and hopefully his bully 
attitude on the world stage
4) some are relieved because the republican right wing religious 
fundamentalists have lost their hold on the federal government
5) some see this change of people in washington as a shift in the basic 
theories of where to grow the economy from
6) Some are hoping this will end the choke hold of the 
industrial/military shadow government (which I believe constituted a 
coup de tat in 2000)
7) some believe this may restore the USA as a positive force in the 
world and restore our reputation as best we can
8) The half that put Obama in feel that they represent the America that 
America is really all about -  a progressive america
9) some voted for Obama because McCain/Palin was an absolutely bad idea 
and voted against them
10) Some voted for Obama because he was clearly the smartest and coolest 
headed choice

I think most people in the world who had a preference saw Bush as a 
general threat to world stability and are relieved that the guard has 
finally changed.

I have always thought that what got Bush in office, and the general 
shift to conservatism across Europe was brought on by the Internet and 
the perceived loss of understanding of where it would lead when everyone 
could communicate with each other and that is represented a gap between 
the intellectually progressive and the dull witted who feared changes 
that they could not wrap their minds around. So that lead to a 
widespread revival of fundamentalism in all cultures between 1996 - 2002 
who hoped to return to conditions and issues that were familiar to them 
or at least that they thought were familiar such as centralized 
authority and being afraid of anything you don't easily understand, and 
get some wars going with somebody - the old standby for attempting to 
create a feeling of unified purpose and a good excuse for suppressing 
the cacophony of alternate views of reality that the internet and global 
communication revealed. In short it was a dogma crisis as during the 
Dada Era when mass communication first started and people's minds were 
filled with more information than they would wrap their little minds around.

In the USA some things to be concerned about - in my mind - are the 
probable right wing backlash and the rise of the private contractor army 
called Blackwater. I believe these will be the sources of America's 
greatest danger in the next few years and if researched will be found to 
have been causing a lot of covert trouble for the last 7 years. I 
believe this is a consolidation of the militant far right wing in the 
USA that will become the guard dogs who will be turning on their masters.

nettime's_charterhouse wrote:

>Re: <nettime> scattered thoughts on Obama's green empire and black

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Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2008 08:37:23 +1100
From: Sean Cubitt <scubitt {AT} unimelb.edu.au>
Subject: Re: second thoughts on the American election

There's little Obama can do: in foreign policy he will not withdraw from
the House of Saud. He won't withdraw support from Zionism. Etc. He won't go
all keynesian (it's embarrassing to say John Pilger had it right but it
will be socialism for the rich and the school of hard knocks for the poor).

Saskia Sassen's analysis in TAR is important. The US just elected a Leader
with a capital L. He enters a White House which since reagan has become
more and more powerful at the expense of the legislature. He enter sin the
simulacrum of FDR, who began this process of centralising power. He comes
at a time when the economic crisis - and in the US that means facing the
end of the imperial dollar and what we thought would be a much slower
building of China as the centre of the world economy -- "demands"
leadership. Look at some of the early 30s movies like "Gabriel over the
White House" and the extraordinary finale of Cagney singing Shanghai Lil
while the mass cast parade images of FDR and the NRP eagle in "Footlight
Parade": there you can catch the close pass made towards european fascism
in the collectivist cult-of-the-personality last time around. Though the
democrats have been complaining of executive power, now they have it, and
in these circumstances, they will wield it.

It's hard to think what the US now produces that anyone else wants to buy
except software and entertainment. The dollar and the US economy floated on
inward investment paying for the last thing the US did better than anyone
else: consuming. The hyenas realised this was a spiggot that would be hard
to turn off and began siphoning for themselves. No surprises there then.
The exquisite euphemism 'sub-prime' (people who can't possibly pay) shows
how the collapse was engineered but not the structural conditions, which
are longer term and far more tragic for the US. Obama is less worse than
the alternatives but like everyone else, he has to make history not under
conditions of his own choosing.

Perhaps if the US had ended apartheid when South Africa did, things might
not have reached this pass?

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