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Re: <nettime> the green and the black digest [seymour/byfield x2, hart]
Angela Mitropoulos on Mon, 10 Nov 2008 14:24:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> the green and the black digest [seymour/byfield x2, hart]

Here's what a 'green and black' meme looks like, already, and well 
before anyone on this list turned their attention to Obama's election or 
  what meme-pill to distribute to some fictive masses.

It's about distinguishing those who will not default on their debts and 
how, to paraphrase Obama, to 'get our people working again'.  If there 
is a sense in which it becomes important to look again (and differently) 
at the history of the New Deal/Keynsianism, it's in the ways 
environmental theology will be hitched to a moral economy of forced 
labour schemes, saving, deferring, demand management.  Prep for a more 
enthusiastic cycle of puritanism, normfare, belt-tightening, 
heteronormative productivism.

To be sure, it's not entirely about that.  Just as Obama's election is 
not really where the action is, insofar as we might broaden our sense of 
what politics is and might be.

But - to be very blunt - those who enthuse about the return of 
Keynsianism, calls for 're-regulation', or some New-New Deal, or who 
regard 'the problem' in the terms of 'fictive', 'unproductive', or 
'parasitic' capital are either stupid, or worse.

best, Angela Mitropoulos

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