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<nettime> Keynesianism and related topics
Andrea Pia on Tue, 11 Nov 2008 05:55:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Keynesianism and related topics

Dear Nettimers,
I just one to share few thoughts on the last topics that you are delving in
latley. I was been thought (in anthropologic related class) that
Keynesianism is all about get rid off unemployment by create jobs through
the state supervision, in particular the General Theory seems to be an
elegant maths solution to the Marx "tendencial decrease of avarage profit"
law. Altough this is certainly a reductive way to explain it, can suggest
us that a Keynesian oriented eya can no longer help us in decripting the
state behavior on this crisis. What bother the state-bank system at the
moment (e.g. my country, Italy, is a perfect example of what that - means)
seems not to be the fall of the unemployment ratio but a much more abstract
and general disillusion on the financial regolated world abset. Banks need
investement and the perfect base for this was the linear and predictable
(mathematical dictatorship) behavior of first world consumer. What Obama
election seems to signify is not the replacment of this system with a more
social-fair one but with the inward regulation of the USA capitalistic
system. What will be the role of Afghanistan and Iraq war i cannot suggest
but maybe we can try to figure out what will be China's. RPC is been buying
USA debt from the '90s i think. The reason is that, at the moment his
economy cannot stand without foreign investement. What RPC is trying to do
with is last General Assembly goes the other way around instead: by putting
forward huge capitral investement in the financial sector and by opening
one step at the time the rural market (I talk this way couse i live in
China and this is what i'm dealing with every day), and by open i mean
extend the agricoltural support banks influence in the rural areas, China
is trying to cut the financial bridges with the outside and create a
susteinable inner market. Like the tip of a coin China tryes to turn the
relationship upside down by replaicing Usa financial one way route.
I final note on Obama compaign: what really upset me about the all thing is
the way in wich Obama dealt with the M.L. King  heritage. Obama never
directly linked to the life or work of King for what seems to me a precise
evaluation of what King's heritage really means: civil disobbedience to
fight capitalistic society organization As King came to realize that
Vietnam war was just the exploitation of the capital accumalation created
by fifteen years of pumped war economy, was killed. This clear world view
was never supported by Obama, whom to be elected had not lose the chance to
calm down the paronoid electorate feeling about USA self difense need by
support the Afghanistan war.
Andrea Enrico Pia
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