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Re: <nettime> Obama and the dawn of ...
Andrea Pia on Mon, 17 Nov 2008 06:19:32 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Obama and the dawn of ...

Thanks for the post CJ.
Your line of thinking remind me the Douglas and Wildawsky functionalist
analytic tool, the grid-group scheme. The social constraints generate
different types of cause-effect logic and different ?logics? are used to
strengthen the social borders between groups. Moreover the logics generate
different views concerning human-environment relation and meanings of
social life and social order. The argument while is a valid tool to get rid
of deterministic interpretation of social life, and by that I mean
costs-benefits, biased perception analysis that still rule in the main
stream media explanation of social dynamics, is quite useless if the aim is
to reach, by discussion and social critic, a common ground to unify an
anti-systemic movement and improve the self-consciousness of the ideology
behind this movement. If it is true, following Turner, that social crisis
are basically resolved with the creation of a communitas, i.e. an undivided
autopoietic human group that generates a new and by no mean eternal social
order by putting aside the self-given everyday social constraint, then
we?ll have to think by which extent the omnipresence support that Obama has
received in the media-ruled-wired-world has something to do with that. As
already suggested on net-time I would argue that is by taking a closer look
to the practice, that we could better understand the dinamics by wich
individuals are made fond of the present Systemic order, or not . This
Ego-Society dialectic seems to me to be produced by the everyday doing of
human agent in a multifactor environment. Microuniverse is where this views
are built and reinforced. How can this microuniverses in wich everyone of
us live and construct the his own semantic landscape can be putted
togeheter is still the greatest challenge of the social sciences.


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