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Re: <nettime> If Only Indymedia Learnt To Innovate
jaromil on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 02:54:37 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> If Only Indymedia Learnt To Innovate

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re all,

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 03:49:45PM +0100, Kristoffer Gansing wrote:
> Is  it all  about  keeping up  with  the Web  2.0  mode of  cultural
> production or could other ways of intervening online be imagined? In
> this case,  it could be more  productive if the  pragmatics could be
> left  aside   for  a  moment   and  politics  of   participation  be
> problematised. This does not mean, as Brian warned about, the simple
> anarchist  withdrawal  from  development,  but an  engaging  in  the
> negotiation I tried to outline above.

engaging negotiation..

true that we  have plenty of videos like  this Hackmeeting documentary


uploaded on public/commercial platforms  for which the biggest problem
i see  is the  licensing of  the video codec  and the  availability of
players capable of reproducing it.

but still,  with some  quality loss that  we might overcome  by taking
direct  contact  with  authors,  we  can still  download  this  video,
re-encode it with a free codec and keep it in our archives.

further, something i just posted on spectre that can also be mentioned
here: the  answer of Monty  Python to those  who have been  putting on
youtube their videos all these years


as discussed in slashdot's thread just today:


what this has to do with activism now? i guess attitude.

eventually an attitude of using  public spaces, which can't be blamed,
less  than ever  as  the inefficiency  of  activist made  (liberated?)

are there any  such liberated spaces? and what  is really neutral, the
space or  the re-usable  infrastructure?  wikipedia is  not "neutral",
mediawiki is  the software that it  runs.  what makes  it universal is
the  fact they  provide the  tools  used to  make it,  so that  anyone

the day youtube will release  its web-based CMS software and switch to
a free codec we will probably be much closer than we are now with this
negotiation,  it  might even  not  be  needed  anymore.

reducing duplicate efforts?  oh that  will never happen :) at its best
it will  share code components;  after all.. uniformity is  boring and
coexisting variety  might become  less competitive and  therefore more
efficient in future.


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