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Re: <nettime> How right wing are the Pirates?
John Young on Sun, 20 Sep 2009 22:03:43 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> How right wing are the Pirates?

It was once conventional wisdom (TM) that the fartherest of
left united with the fartherest of right, that is radical joined
radical, both against adjectival diminution of the compromisers
of left, right, center, liberal and conservative, were opposed to the
cooperators, realists, crypto-realists, fanatical-realists, political
partyists, ideologues, humanists (spit), intellectuals (puke),
theorists (kill all first), apologists, democrats, republicans,
socialists, capitalists, christians, zionists, radical socialists,
environmentalists, greens, blues, reds, pinks, sexual liberationists,
pro- and anti-abortionists, atheists, one worlders, anarchists,
in short, any of those who believe working together under a banner
or faith or belief or ideology or plain old opportunism, that is,
the cowards and manipulators, the operators in secrecy, employers
of spies and counterspies and agents provocateurs and bribers
and extorters and tricksters and betrayers and murderers on
behalf of a righteous campaign which makes up its own rules
to fit its ambitions, that is, governments and political parties
and those who want to be in charge of them to reap the perks
of leadership (slit throats).

You want to be an enemy of the state and the political snakeoilers
or just a pretender, a lackey, a snitch, a spy, a judas, a peddler
of your fit-for-all-messages piehole?

Pirates have leaders and that is their common fault with the
others who fear being alone, being your own god unaided by
vacuous goals.

Oh, Nietzsche mouthpieced by Sartre, why have you abandoned us?

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