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Re: <nettime> How right wing are the Pirates?
Karl-Erik Tallmo on Mon, 21 Sep 2009 23:23:20 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> How right wing are the Pirates?

Judging from what the Swedish Pirate Party says, I think there are at 
least three problems with their standpoint:

1) They acknowledge mostly privacy/integrity problems on line, and 
not much in the "real world". However, these questions pervade lots 
of political issues: the treatment of criminals as well as of crime 
victims, the treatment of patients, of refugees, of immigrants, and 
controversial issues like euthanasia or abortion ... but also more 
trivial matters such as how you are are being treated at work, 
regarding confidentiality, respect etc.

If the Pirate Party representatives are prepared to cooperate with 
any party in the EP, or elsewhere, that shares their views on this 
narrow definition of privacy/integrity, they are bound to get strange 
bed mates both from the left and right.

2) They mostly concentrate on threats from the state. But what about 
threats against privacy/integrity from private actors, say Google, 
insurance companies etc.? Maybe this is indicative of a certain bias 
towards the right?

3) They can't see that the copyright issue is an integrity issue as 
well, regarding both the artist and their works.

See also my long examination of the Swedish Pirate Party:


Karl-Erik Tallmo

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