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Re: <nettime> fun with ACTA astrohoovering (was Re: Internet for Democra
John Young on Sat, 13 Mar 2010 15:55:51 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> fun with ACTA astrohoovering (was Re: Internet for Democracy. Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now!)

A good occasion to note that all Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
are bogus -- terms of artifice to evade responsibility and in the
worse cases subterfuges to covertly spy on citizenry and site
visitors for commercial and authoritative purposes. All of them
are lies and indicate that the promulgator is your enemy. When
all CAPS a surefire FUCK YOU.

There was a time when the Internet did not spread such bullshit,
you used it without need of warnings and "privacy" protection.
The warnings arose when the predators came and needed
protection from their hypnotized-policy prey.

Go to any major web site, down at the bottom, read all the
exclupatory garbage linked there and see it for what it is:
you, dear visitor, have just been data-minely fucked by
clicking these links. Before that perp-ID'd by log files.

Artists and liberation-by-Internet defenders have hardly
diminished this predation, indeed, are universally complicitous,
self-mesmerized by applause of hits and log files -- the last
the worst privacy-denying tool ever, a necessity, admins
scream, to assure system health, aping the authoritative
SOPdeception: acoute - I log file therefore I exist to gaze

Gaze the vigilante "counter-terrorist" web sites reporting on
what they claim to see on the demon Internet, all hide behind
secrecy about who they are, conceal funding sources, use
sophmoric humor and bile from the privacy-protected suburbs
and secret police bunkers as if tony galleries pimping for
hedge funders. As if a non-profit begging "at a high level."

Think hard about abandoning the glorious Internet. Before,
raise the black flag, cut throats via DDOS, virii, logic bombs,
worms, backdoors, code holes, stings, honey pots, weak
crypto -- the means and methods of authoriative security

Forget about fey cutsie taunts and spoofs and ironic distancing,
those are embraced by authoriatives as their own, as camouflage
for agent provocateurs and informants and investment-cheat

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