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<nettime> Defense of the Internet:European civil society organizes a pro
simona.conservas.eXgae on Thu, 25 Mar 2010 12:00:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Defense of the Internet:European civil society organizes a protest action at the Summit of the EU Ministers of Culture

*European civil society organizes an unprecedented protest action at the 
Summit of the EU Ministers of Culture.*

Individuals, artists and NGO's, including, among others, FCForum, eXgae, 
La Quadrature du Net, P2P Foundation, European Digital Rights, 
Electronic Frontier Foundation, Scambioetico, Open Standards Alliance, 
Red SOStenible, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure Spain, 
Creative Commons Spain, have organized *a coordinated protest campaign* 
against the Informal Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the European 
Union that will take place on March 30 and 31 in Barcelona, Spain.

Although only the cultural industry have been invited to the ministerial 
event, the creative community and civil society have organised three 
days of activities to show the culture that we propose for the digital 
era: *a model of culture that benefits everybody -- citizens, creators 
and entrepreneurs -- a model that stimulates creativity and not just 
collection, and, above all, a model that does not attack the Internet.*

Citizens have already rolled their sleeves up and got down to work, 

The lobbying actions have started _today_ with the mail-out of a letter 
to the Ministers of Culture of the 27 countries of the European Union, 
inviting them to attend the citizen-organized events that we are 
preparing for them. It will continue _every day_ with the online 
spreading of information that will undoubtedly prove useful to European 
Ministers and Members of Parliament. And it will _culminate on March 
29.30.31_ in 3 days of physical and streamed events in Barcelona, with 
highlights including a citizen press conference at one of the city's 
historic square, adjacent to the venue where the meeting of the 
Ministers will take place.

*Everybody can participate starting today:

*First action today:
Invite the Ministers and Members of Parliament:
(It is important to send it to Ministers from the other countries too, 
because it attracts their attention when they receive requests for an 
audience before a trip abroad, and it is bound to make them discuss it 
among themselves. This increases the  pressure and the likelihood of 
criticisms). We know they have already received hundreds of Letters from 
Spain, where the action have begun yesterday.

  Tomorrow, the next batch ;)


*Stop ACTA*
//Please spread this e-mail, it's another way of supporting this initiative.

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