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<nettime> open positions

     [org From: "Bryant Eason" <Br__nt.__s_n {AT} _____.com.cn>

Looking for a job? My name is Juliette Barnes, I am a recruiting manager of 
NetTemps Inc, a recruiting agency for direct-hire, contract, and freelance 
professionals within various professions.             
Today I would like introduce some part-time and virtual office vacancies in 
the spheres of Advertising, Education, Engineering, Finance, Health care, 
Information technology, Media, Real estate and Transportation.               
If you are interested to learn more about the jobs offered, please get back 
to me, providing your name and contact number.                              
We are eager to help you find a better job and improve your career!       
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me on:            
e u r o p e  {AT}  n e t t _ _ . c o m      [please delete spaces in the email 
address before sending it to us]                   
Yours sincerely,                              
Juliette Barnes              
NetTemps Inc                       

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