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The Tea Party's popularity + successes are further confirmation that the real extremists 
and Kool Aid / Viagra pushers are the Obama.Bernanke.Geithner.Congress prostiitutes+parasites 


exist at societies' + nature's expense, not unlike several exemplary 'artists'/professional prostitutes,
who routinely bemoan the global budget cuts, even as the workers / tax payers 
are crushed by the gargantuan Ponzi schemes entitled democracy + capitalism.

The Tea Party's popularity + successes confirm that what the so called 'foreign extremists'
are defending is in fact elementary.

In that sense the latter have succeeded not only in bankrupting western democracies,
but have exposed the systemic bankruptcy and degeneracy of western democracies to their own citizens,
and awoken their 'domestic extremists', who,

no longer injest the ultra hyped, ultra extremist
/'democratic'/republican/korporat fascist Viagra/Kool Aid BS.

Kool Aid = Korporat Fascism = Extremism

VØte K A M F S   \\  K F M F S  Øut




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