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<nettime> EcoActions
LORENZO TAIUTI on Wed, 20 Oct 2010 05:53:22 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> EcoActions

the 23 of octobre i present a "BioEco Action" in the "PAV" of Torino,  
( "Living Art Park" Centre for Contemporary Art ) by swedish artist  
Adreas Gedin.
The action is the planting of 6000 flower bulbs that will grow through  
winter and flowering in springtime forming the word "Taking Over" on  
the grass field covering the ecological structure of the PAV.
The phrase will result very big, extended on a 28m base.
The operation begins with workshops on ecoloopen to the neighborhood  
( a working class district of Torino ), young artists ecc...
Following other actions and performances till the spring "opening" of  
"Taking Over".
Lorenzo Taiuti

PAV Centro sperimentale d?arte contemporanea
Via Giordano Bruno, 31 - 10134, Torino
Tel. 011.3182235
lab {AT} parcoartevivente.it 

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