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Re: <nettime> Twitter and the resignation of Germany's minister of defen
John Young on Fri, 4 Mar 2011 17:23:25 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Twitter and the resignation of Germany's minister of defense

This has now become confusing to a red neck Tea Party anti-unionist
contra-academic. If not plagiarism what was wrong with having
a red neck Tea Party anti-unionist contra-academcie as Defense
Minister? These are always the qualifications for war business
ministers whereever the offenders of defense are allowed to 
pretend civilian control of the military.

Texas A and M University welcomed Robert Gates as its president
between stints as CIA hoodlum and Warmaking hustler. Universities
and think ha, ha, ha tanks around the globe beg and grovel for national 
security bribery to sustain the illusion of liberality of fey-minded fakers
in the, uh, humanities who know exactly who underwrites facilities,
salaries, benefits and pensions faintly cloaked by the student loan
scandal which was preceded by the defense funding of studenthood
channeled through faculty finance overseers. 

Is the DE furor about tax booty for activists, now an interest group
of grotesque hoodlumistic extortionate protection racketeering 
pretense? Why not call a con a con, a few bright bulbs claiming
to represent the downtrodden and accusing their opponents of
doing the same as if advised by the same publicity team for
singular positioning on the political spectrum -- only us? 

Left is center is right, politics hustlers forever yelling the vile con
is essential indeed the premier way for the citizenry to have a 
say despite all evidence demonstrating the opposite.

Activism of Tea Party or high-minded defense of the people or 
any other political tripe is still secret machination for leaders to 
game the rubes. Is it still illegal in DE to call this perennial 
N-wordism what it is? Ha ha ha, as Freddie, the activist of 
ubermanism, deigns the unter-poli.

At 11:10 PM 3/3/2011 +0100, you wrote:

>Am 03.03.11 11:57, schrieb Patrice Riemens:
>> A great story, Anna!
>> (i) What brought Count von und zu Guetenberg to plagiarize to such an
>> extent? (300pages out of 400 are concerned, I read - that's rather
>> massive)
>You're right: as far as I know not a lot of people have asked that
>question. I believe that most people think he just tried to get away
>with it, buying his way through academic necessities. It is also
>generally assumed that he didn't write the thesis himself - the ghost
>writer remains to be found.

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