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<nettime> Holiday! a relaxed augmented reality workshop
xDxD.vs.xDxD on Sun, 20 Mar 2011 02:49:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Holiday! a relaxed augmented reality workshop

please join us at AHAktitude 2011 in Carrara, in April 01-02-03, 2011

AOS will present:

Vacanza! a really relaxed Augmented Reality workshop

at AOS (and in the other initiatives such as REFF and FakePress) we’ve
been proclaiming the rise of a new (or old?) idea of Augmented
Reality, a philosophical approach screaming:

“Autonomy! You have the power and tools to shape your own world,
creating additional spaces for your expression and free action!”

We’ve started some time ago, joyfully attacking supermarkets with our
augmented reality invasion in Squatting Supermarkets.

Then we continued the Augmented reality experiments with FakePress,
exploring the possibility to invent new languages and usage grammars
for the world that had impacts on education, knowledge, society,
cities and relationships.

And, lately, with our recently released Augmented Reality Drug, with
REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory.

All these actions used technologies and practices to reinvent the
world, our roles and the things we can do each days, promoting a
multilayered, polyphonic, multicultural, free, autonomous version of
reality, and suggesting that new imaginaries, languages, strategies,
politics and poetics can be created, reinventing art, business,
activism and communication.

This is why we’re truly happy to present:

[[ Vacanza! ]]


a series of micro-workshops, micro-lectures, micro-forums and
micro-interstitial meetings executed using crumpled-up Augmented
Reality and other technologies.

When: April 1-2-3 2011, at AHAcktitude
Where: Carrara, Italy

AHAcktitude Program: http://ahacktitude.org/event/2011/doku.php?id=program

An intense program of micro-workshops, micro-seminars,
micro-lectio-magistralis disseminated in the spaces and times of the
AHAcktitude meeting.

The micro courses will define an interstitial narrative that will
traverse the whole event:

- Workshops on Augmented Reality executed by throwing crumpled-up
micro-sldies to other people during other workshops

- Lectures on the Reinvention of Reality made for 1 people at the time
while we invent new ways of remixing beer, vodka and tomato juice

- The tales of our latest actions with squats in London, student
groups at universities, taking them “REFF’s education program on the
methodologic reinvention of reality through critical practices of
remix, mashup, recontextualization and re-enactment” and organizing
the initiatives for the protest that will take place on March 24-25-26
2011: narrated wearing stupid glasses with fake mustache and plastic
noses, hiding post-it notes, qrcodes, AR markers and distributing
small softwares, micro slideshows, mini websites prepared there, live,
in realtime.

** Feedback and interaction **

Workshops are open for everyone!
They are anytime, anywhere, always!
Being hit by one of the crumpled-up slides will mean that you are in
one of them!
The objective of the workshops is to create emergent, spontaneous,
effective, reproducible, appropriatable, remixable, re-enactable,
disseminated, augmented discussions.
Throw me your micro crumpled slides with questions and ideas!
Throw them to other people, so that they can be in the workshop, too!
Copy, fake, reproduce, show and plagiarize the micro workshops! use
the post-its and qrcodes!
Make “fake” ones yoruselves!
Place them all around AHAcktitude and in the whole city!
Copy the micro softwares and micro-lectures!
send them by mail to everyone! click “i like” and “share” on social networks!
Finally, reality is augmenting.

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