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<nettime> Heroes for Humanity
michael gurstein on Tue, 29 Mar 2011 19:10:21 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Heroes for Humanity

And a visual representation http://davemiller.org/drawings/nuclear/crimes_heroes_humanity.png

Along with an extension of the notion of Crimes Against Humanity there should also be the development of a global process for identifying and awarding glories to those who are Heroes for Humanity (and not the treacly stuff that comes out of various semi-popular, mostly US media outlets...

And I nominate...

(Newser) – As if risking their lives to work feverishly to avoid nuclear meltdown wasn't grim enough, there's no respite for the weary workers at Japan's hobbled Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. A Japanese nuclear official who just returned from five days at Fukushima paints a picture of life on the inside, reports the LA Times, with catnaps caught in hallways, two sparse meals a day (breakfast is typically crackers and vegetable juice), no running water or way of bathing, and no contact with family. "I don't think the workers have the energy they need to work under these extremely tough conditions," says the official.

Add to that the stress of looming disaster and TEPCO's seeming incompetence at gauging the radiation levels to which it's exposing the 450 or so employees fighting to stabilize Fukushima. "These things are an indication that they don't have good control on radiation protection," says an expert. But beyond the danger, basic needs are going by the wayside. "Some have expressed concern about not being able to change their underwear," says the nuclear official.

It need hardly be noted I think, that those folks are risking (and very likely sacrificing) their lives for all of us as well... given what seem to be the evolving risks from the nuclear meltdown that the Execs are responsible (and should be held accountable) for...


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