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Re: <nettime> Becoming cockroaches {AT} Syntagma square
vana kostayola on Fri, 1 Jul 2011 11:00:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Becoming cockroaches {AT} Syntagma square

It is really amazing the amount of chemicals greek police used.
To Pavlos Hatzopoulos article I just want to add another one on the greek case:

Today in Athens, 29/June/2011
by Alexandros Kalousis on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 at 21:32

So while Athens demonstrators were subjected to extreme force by the
riot police, the Greek parliament was voting an economic plan that
everyone in Europe and the world knows that is simply not going to
work and will just pull Greece further down the drain of recession.
However there are two concrete outcomes 1) the enforced fire sale of
public property, which will take place at their lowest value of the
last 25 years and with extremely tight and unreasonable timelines 2)
significant changes in the construction/building processes, which
essentially abolish any protection from construction of natural beauty
areas such as forests and sea shores.
Both are big business opportunities anyone who has some money can
now come and buy a public utility company, e.g. power or water, for
a fifth or even less of its real value or a huge chunk of sea shore
and construct the hotel of their dreams in some of the most beautiful
beaches of the world. It does not matter at all that within the next
two years, and after we will have accumulated even more debt, there
will be a so called orderly default. An orderly default is a euphemism
for the fact that private institutions would have the time to get rid
of most of the Greek toxic debt they owe which by the time will have
been transferred at the European support mechanism, funded by the
European countries, i.e. the European tax payer who will finally take
the orderly default blow. It is the same game as the one we saw two
years ago, only that then the banks were given directly the money and
not through intermediaries such as Greece.
So the central idea is to create huge business opportunities in some
of the most wanted real-estate of the world which however will not
contribute to solving the problem and pass the cost of the problem to
the European tax payer. For once again the profits are private and the
losses are socialized.
This is a plan that has been negotiated and agreed upon by the EU
governments, IMF, and the Greek government. It is a plan that has
nothing to do about solving the Greek problem. It is a plan that
definitely does not give a damn about the Greek people nor about
the European people. It is a plan meant to protect mostly private
institutions that took bad business decisions while handing on the
private sector a big chunk of the Greek public property and natural

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