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<nettime> PR.ocess or PR.opaganda
allan siegel on Wed, 24 Aug 2011 10:28:54 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> PR.ocess or PR.opaganda

The relationship between truth and lies is one we must negotiate every day. Generally, it comes down to who tells us what. The profession of Public Relations deals in truth and lies as commodities, less a set of objective parameters, more like the tradeable functions of a multi-billion dollar industry. Circling truth and lies is PR and there is good PR and there is bad PR. Knowing the difference and undermining the negatives may well define the coming period in global affairs.

The good stuff we might call PR.ocess because it helps inform and enlighten by ensuring varied points in a debate are communicated. It helps develop the democratic process. Then there is the PR we might call PR.opaganda. This is the PR purveyed by those who chase dollars not values, who will communicate whatever lies their paymasters require. There are precious few of those promoting the former and far too many pushing the latter.

What is to be done about the enduring power of PR.opaganda? On one level, of course, it is important to defend the truth and of those who promote it. This needs to be driven by vigilant and informed stakeholders and, as such, a free and high quality media is vital as an infrastructure to encourage those highly engaged stakeholders.

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