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<nettime> Political Browser Extension: 'stateless plug-in' (Conradi - Ch
Michelle Christensen on Sat, 27 Aug 2011 06:54:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Political Browser Extension: 'stateless plug-in' (Conradi - Christensen)

A stateless person is someone with no citizenship or nationality. An  
estimated 12-15 million people in the world are not citizens of any  
state, and are therefore inherently deprived of the right to have  

The ?stateless plug-in? is a browser extension that intervenes in  
digital territory, transforming the issue of stateless people into a  
multifaceted digital mapping of existing knowledge and information on  
the Internet.

By interconnecting an extensive range of positions on statelessness  
in an unanticipated way, the stateless plug-in generates an  
unpredicted non-linear and dynamic storyline with space for  
unanticipated thoughts and connections. This project offers a  
critical comment towards the lack of attention on the issue by  
beseeching the users attention through the infiltration of their  
usual browsing behaviour.

To download the extension for Firefox, Chrome or Safari, or to learn  
more about the project, please visit: www.statelessplugin.net

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