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<nettime> Fwd: Re: A call to the Army of Love and to the Army of Softwar
Matze Schmidt on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 13:41:44 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Fwd: Re: A call to the Army of Love and to the Army of Software


again one question conc. a rejected (?) mail:
I have posted this below but it can't be found on the nettime. Any
reason to reject it?

Thx for answering ,


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Date: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 11:42:23 PM
Subject: A call to the Army of Love and to the Army of Software

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and thx 4 the mail.

But I find the basis of analysis for the text totally wrong.

Not some markets are destroying, overproduction does trigger wares
markets and then a credit crisis there tiggers the existing financial
markets of fictitious capital and then states have to pay the rent in
the end the workers with taxes and low wages.
Can not find one single word about this mechanisms in the Army of

These mechanisms (call it algorithm or programme) has been proven by the
stages of the crisis since 2008 and now the "double-dip". It all started
(or starts any time) with overproduction (of houses before 2008) and
sales problems. One reason for overproduction is the necessary
competititon of single capitals (e.g. manifestated in firms or ground or
machine parks) on penalty of expiry of the particular capital.

It is true that the false (!) class compromise is over, but it is over
since about 1967, after the first big crisis after the boom after 1945.
The crises now are not the big caesura but the result of the struggle
against workers for saving profit.

"Drafts of the reduction of real wages by holding a reserve
army of labor (unemployed) according to the OECD's "A Growth
Scenario to 1980", a "Special Supplement to the Economic
Outlook" from July 19, 1976 in consideration of declining
rates of profit. Profit is the must for every single capital
in competition with other capital. Competition means that
firms have to invest in variable capital (wages etc. for
workers) and constant capital (new machines, new material)
progressively so as to not fall behind other competitors.
This may result in the tendency for the rate of profit to fall
because investments tend increase on the basis of new
technologies and competition. This is not a vicious circle of
logic but a step ladder. The OECD is the Organisation for
Economic Co-operation and Development and is acting by reviews
and forecasts, and through "soft law" for the market economy
of all its member states, here: from welfare to workfare."

> The so-called ‘financial markets’ and their cynical services are destroying
> the very foundations of social civilization. The legacy of the postwar
> compromise between the working class and progressive bourgeoisie has all but
> disappeared. Neoliberal policies are cutting back education and the public
> health system and is cancelling the right to a salary and a pension.

To talk about bankers and the finance markets as superusers of a
supposed software running is again a reduction of processes to the max
of misunderstanding.

As financial markets can only react to the productive production sector
(same with services which react to prosperities of the production
sector) they can't be the source of crisis.

> Bankers and investors are not the real decision makers, they are
> participants in an economy of gestural confusion. The real process of
> predatory power has become automated. The transfer of resources and wealth
> from those who produce to those who do nothing except oversee the abstract
> patterns of financial transactions is embedded in the machine, in the
> software that governs the machine.

So in this logic of finances (negative dollar bills in your eyes) it be
consistent to talk about a metaphor called software as THE social thing
or social procedures that keep all together. As the baker talks about
rolls the coder talks about progam lines.

> The small army of software
> programmers have to wake up.

And to get back to the level of a movie like _Metropolis_ is the
ultimate fantasy of the degraded middle class with a new but in fact old
old luddite argument in terms of anarchism, the last chance for holding
on and keep cheated brains going as well as a incorporated corps of
self-organising software social workers - the new (old) vanguard. The
creative anti-class. A general intellect that negates the intellect of
the general female and male worker not behind the monitors (white
collar) but in front of them (blue collar).

How come this genuine head work communism so suddenly? But wait a
minute, its just Proudhon calling to the exchange ... he has alwys
started at the wrong end of the chain, tz tz.

> rewriting the
> techno-linguistic automatons enslaving all of us.

> We need to dismantle the machines
> themselves.

> delete their real-time trading killing networks for good.

> Decommissioning and
> re-programming financial software is not the dream of a Luddite sabotaging
> the machine. ‘Market regulation’ will not do the job, only autonomy and the
> self-organization of software workers can dismantle the predatory algorithms
> and create self-empowering software for society.

> The general intellect and the erotic social body have to meet on the streets
> and squares, and united they will break the Finazist chains.

Matze Schmidt

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