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Simona Lodi on Tue, 6 Dec 2011 13:39:39 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Share Festival | Cops & Robbers | video conferences

Dear Nettimers,

(with apologies for cross-posting)*

*thank you for there being so many of you! Over ten thousand people visited the Regional Museum of Natural Science from 2nd to 20th November 2011, and over one thousand came to see the installation Cymatics, by Suguru Goto!

In response to the overwhelming appreciation shown by audiences for the initiatives developed by the local territory, the opening times for the installation were extended from 9th November to 20th November at the Regional Museum of Natural Science.

In all the public enjoyed eighteen days of exhibitions and three warm-up days, marking a notable exception to the general difficulties faced in recent times by cultural events, especially contemporary art exhibitions.

The 7th Share Festival â Cops & Robbers took the public by storm with its twenty-four artists, twenty conference speakers, two exhibitions, three special projects, two productions and twenty events. The Share Festival proved an occasion to meditate on the emergence, in the background, of a social movement that is transforming the paradigms on which a digitalized, global society is based. In this context, the conferences were an opportunity to look at political issues revolving around the question of democracy and participation, and a critical understanding of the computerisation of culture and of shared social processes.

The line dividing legality and illegality when it comes to freedom of speech, news leaks, activism and appropriationism was overstepped in both directions by the works exhibited in the thematic exhibition "Cops & Robbers", which won public acclaim for its clarity.

Those who saw the exhibition will undoubtedly have had the chance to appreciate that originals no longer count for more than their fakes, and that targeted communication strategies are a parody of their messages. As politics, new media and art converge, the roles of the cop and the robber, the good guy and the bad, the observer and the observed, the judge and the judged, have become interchangeable. Now is also the time to thank our guests and hear what they, and you, Share Festival friends, have to say. So please leave your comments and feedback on our blog.

We invite you to download the Cops & Robbers catalogue here, in PDF
http://www.toshare.it/PiemonteShareFestival2011/catalogo.zip <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/95245dd47f77df269ea91ef45901gt9o/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>

Discover what's been said of us at (press review)
http://www.toshare.it/press/Rassegna_Stampa2011.zip <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/946ebe0264b5244788574490164jafpl/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>

Watch the videos of the conferences at
http://vimeo.com/piemonteshare/videos <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/b4bc396b77dc9297194f50a500cfhvoq/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>

And take a look at photos of the Festival here on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharefestival <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/6766470dab698ed62c1c5aa8a7lk7bcf/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>
Please tag your own photos "Share Festival 2011"

Our Facebook page at
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Piemonte-Share-Festival/99478885644 <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/38b48af8cdece2ef8fbb3c7738tbv89k/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>

Updates on Twitter at:
http://twitter.com/ShareFestival <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/5eb104b20f51c63ccaa5f5011fx4buf0/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>
hashtag ufficiale #sharefestival

And De.li.cio.us bookmarks at
http://www.delicious.com/sharefestival <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/fb632b4e10e8d98be5232d32a67vy1i7/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>

Stay tuned!
www.toshare.it <http://clienti.mflab.it/tools/track/aed402aea43ba7067de32fe79ag7qhb/99d9061a441ff2f033a79e85a3msv3lf>


Simona Lodi
art director
Cops&  Robbers | Share Festival 7th ed.
art in digital culture
2/13 November 2011
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Torino - IT
SMIR Sant'Evasio
Multimedia Center
European Project Alcotra
Mondovi - Embrun
The Sharing
Via Rossini 3 - 10124 Torino (IT)
phone: 0039.011.588.36.93
skype: simona.share.festival

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