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ACL Access Control List
ADM Advanced Development Model
ADP Automated Data Processing
ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment
AE Application Entity
AFSSI Air Force Systems Security Instruction
AFSSM Air Force Systems Security Memorandum
AIG Address Indicator Group
AIRK Area Interswitch Rekeying Key
AIS Automated Information System
AISS Automated Information System Security
AJ Anti-Jamming
AK Automatic Remote Rekeying
AKDC Automatic Key Distribution Center
AKD/RCU Automatic Key Distribution/Rekeying Control Unit
AKM Automated Key Management Center
ALC Accounting Legend Code
AMS 1. Auto-Manual System
2. Autonomous Message Switch
ANDVT Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOSS Automated Office Support System
APC Adaptive Predictive Coding
APL Assessed Products List
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ARES Automated Risk Evaluation System
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASPJ Advanced Self-Protection Jammer
ASU Approval for Service Use
ATAM Automated Threat Assessment Methodology
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network
AUTOSEVOCOM Automatic Secure Voice Communications (Network)
AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network
AV Auxiliary Vector
AVP Authorized Vendor Program
BCSSO Base Computer System Security Officer
BPS Bits Per Second
C3 Command, Control, and Communications
C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
C4 Command, Control, Communications, and Computer
CA 1. Controlling Authority
2. Crypto-Analysis
3. COMSEC Account
4. Command Authority
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCEP Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program
CCI Controlled Cryptographic Item
CCO 1. Circuit Control Officer
2. Configuration Control Officer
CDR Critical Design Review
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CDS Cryptographic Device Services
CEOI Communications-Electronics Operating Instruction
CEPR Compromising Emanation Performance Requirement
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
CFD Common Fill Device
CI Configuration Item
CIAC Computer Incident Assessment Capability
CIK Crypto-Ignition Key
CIP Crypto-Ignition Plug
CIRK Common Interswitch Rekeying Key
CK Compartment Key
CKG Cooperative Key Generation
CKL Compromised Key List
CLMD COMSEC Local Management Device
CM Configuration Management
CMCS COMSEC Material Control System
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CMS C4 Systems Security Management System
CNCS Cryptonet Control Station
CNK Cryptonet Key
COMPUSEC Computer Security
COMSEC Communications Security
COOP Continuity Of Operations Plan
COR Central Office of Record
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CPC Computer Program Component
CPCI Computer Program Configuration Item
CPS COMSEC Parent Switch
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRIB Card Reader Insert Board
CRO COMSEC Responsible Officer
CRLCMP Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan
CRP COMSEC Resources Program (Budget)
CRWG Computer Resources Working Group
Crypt/Crypto Cryptographic-Related
CSA Cognizant Security Authority
CSC Computer Software Component
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item
CSE Communications Security Element
CSETWG Computer Security Education and Training Working Group
CSM Computer System Manager
CSO C4 Systems Officer
CSPP Communications-Computer Systems Program Plan
CSRD Communications-Computer Systems Requirements Document
CSS 1. COMSEC Subordinate Switch
2. Constant Surveillance Service (courier)
3. Continuous Signature Service (courier)
CSSO 1. Computer System Security Officer
2. Contractor Special Security Officer
CSSP Computer Security Support Program
CSTVRP Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
CSWG Computer Security Working Group
CTAK Cipher Text Auto-Key
CTTA Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority
CUP COMSEC Utility Program
CVA Clandestine Vulnerability Analysis
CVRP C4 System Security Vulnerability Reporting Program
DAA Designated Approving Authority
DAC Discretionary Access Control
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DBMS Data Base Management System
DCP Decision Coordinating Paper
DCS 1. Defense Communications System
2. Defense Courier Service
DCSP Design Controlled Spare Part
DDN Defense Data Network
DDS Dual Driver Service (courier)
DES Data Encryption Standard
DIB Directory Information Base
DID Data Item Description
DLED Dedicated Loop Encryption Device
DMA Direct Memory Access
DoD TCSEC Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
DPL Degausser Products List (a section in the Information Systems Security Products
and Services Catalogue)
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSVT Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal
DTD Data Transfer Device
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation
DTLS Descriptive Top-Level Specification
DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
DUA Directory User Agent
D&V Demonstration and Validation
EAM Emergency Action Message
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECM Electronic Countermeasures
ECPL Endorsed Cryptographic Products List (a section in the Information Systems Security Products
and Services Catalogue)
EDAC Error Detection and Correction
EDESPL Endorsed Data Encryption Standard Products List
EDM Engineering Development Model
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFD Electronic Fill Device
EFTO Encrypt for Transmission Only
EGADS Electronic Generation, Accounting, and Distribution System
EKMS Electronic Key Management System
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELSEC Electronic Security
E-Mail Electronic Mail
E Model Engineering Development Model
EMSEC Emissions Security
EPL Evaluated Products List (a section in the Information Systems Security Products
and Services Catalogue)
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ERTZ Equipment Radiation TEMPEST Zone
ETL Endorsed Tools List
ETPL Endorsed TEMPEST Products List
EUCI Endorsed for Unclassified Cryptographic Information
EV Enforcement Vector
FCA 1. Functional Configuration Audit
2. Formal Cryptographic Access
FDIU Fill Device Interface Unit
FDM Formal Development Methodology
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
FIPS PUB Federal Information Processing Standard Publication
FOCI Foreign Owned, Controlled, or Influenced
FOT&E Follow-On Operational Test and Evaluation
FOUO For Official Use Only
FQR Formal Qualification Review
FQT Formal Qualification Testing
FSD Full Scale Development
FSRS Functional Security Requirements Specification
FSTS Federal Secure Telephone Service
FTAM File Transfer Access Management
FTLS Formal Top-Level Specification
FTS Federal Telecommunications System
GPS Global Positioning System
GTS Global Telecommunications Service
GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network
HDM Hierarchical Development Methodology
HOL High Order Language
HSM Human Safety Mandatory Modification
HUS Hardened Unique Storage
HUSK Hardened Unique Storage Key
IBAC Identity Based Access Control
ICU Interface Control Unit
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IEMATS Improved Emergency Message Automated Transmission System
IFF Identification, Friend or Foe
IFFN Identification, Friend, Foe, or Neutral
IIRK Interarea Interswitch Rekeying Key
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
I/O Input/Output
IOT&E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IP Internet Protocol
IPM Interpersonal Messaging
IPSO Internet Protocol Security Option
IRK Interswitch Rekeying Key
IS Information System
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International Standards Organization
ISS Information Systems Security
ISSO Information Systems Security Officer
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulation
IV&V Independent Verification and Validation
JMSNS Justification for Major System New Start
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
KAK Key-Auto-Key
KEK Key Encryption Key
KG Key Generator
KMASE Key Management Application Service Element
KMC Key Management Center
KMID Key Management Identification Number
KMODC Key Material Ordering and Distribution Center
KMP Key Management Protocol
KMPDU Key Management Protocol Data Unit
KMS Key Management System
KMSA Key Management System Agent
KMUA Key Management User Agent
KP Key Processor
KPK Key Production Key
KSOS Kernelized Secure Operating System
KVG Key Variable Generator
LAN Local Area Network
LEAD Low-Cost Encryption/Authentication Device
LKG Loop Key Generator
LMD Local Management Device
LME Layer Management Entry
LMI Layer Management Interface
LOCK Logical Co-Processing Kernel
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPD Low Probability of Detection
LPI Low Probability of Intercept
LRIP Limited Rate Initial Preproduction
LSI Large Scale Integration
MAC 1. Mandatory Access Control
2. Message Authentication Code
MAN Mandatory Modification
MATSYM Material Symbol
MCCB Modification/Configuration Control Board
MCCR Mission Critical Computer Resources
MCSSM MAJCOM Computer Systems Security Manager
MCTL Military Critical Technologies List
MDC 1. Manipulation Detection Code
2. Message Distribution Center
MEECN Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network
MEP Management Engineering Plan
MER Minimum Essential Requirements
MHS Message Handling System
MI Message Indicator
MIB Management Information Base
MIJI Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference
MIL-STD Military Standard
MINTERM Miniature Terminal
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
MLS Multilevel Security
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOE Measure of Effectiveness
MOP Measure of Performance
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRK Manual Remote Rekeying
MRT Miniature Receiver Terminal
MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MTT Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques
NACAM National COMSEC Advisory Memorandum
NACSEM National COMSEC Emanations Memorandum
NACSI National COMSEC Instruction
NACSIM National COMSEC Information Memorandum
NAK Negative Acknowledge
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCCD National Command and Control Document
NCS 1. National Communications System
2. National Cryptologic School
3. Net Control Station
NCSC National Computer Security Center
NETS Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service
NISAC 1. National Information Security Assessment Center
2. National Industrial Security Advisory Committee
NIST National Institute for Standards and Technology
NKSR Non-Kernel Security-Related (software)
NSA National Security Agency
NSAD Network Security Architecture and Design
NSD National Security Directive
NSDD National Security Decision Directive
NSEP National Security Emergency Preparedness
NSM Network Security Manager
NSO Network Security Officer
NSP Network Security Plan
NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NSTISSAM National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security
Advisory/Information Memorandum
NSTISSC National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee NSTISSD National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Directive NSTISSI National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction
NSTISSP National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy
NTCB Network Trusted Computing Base
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTISSAM National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory/
Information Memorandum
NTISSC National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee
NTISSD National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Directive
NTISSI National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction
NTISSP National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy
O&M Operations and Maintenance
OADR Originating Agency's Determination Required
OMB CIR Office of Management and Budget Circular
OPCODE Operations Code
OPSEC Operations Security
OPT Optional Modification
ORD Operational Requirements Document
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTAD Over-the-Air Key Distribution
OTAR Over-the-Air Rekeying
OTAT Over-the-Air Key Transfer
OTP One-Time Pad
OTT One-Time Tape
PA Privacy Act
PAA Peer Access Approval
PAE Peer Access Enforcement
PAL Permissive Action Link
PC Personal Computer
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PCS Physical Control Space
PCZ 1. Protected Communications Zone
2. Physical Control Zone
P&D Production and Deployment
PDL Program Design Language
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDS 1. Practice Dangerous to Security
2. Protected Distribution System
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PERC Product Evaluation Resource Center
PES Positive Enable System
PKA Public Key Algorithm
PKC Public Key Cryptography
PKSD Programmable Key Storage Device
PL Public Law
PLSDU Physical Layer Service Data Unit
P Model Preproduction Model
PM 1. Program Manager
2. Preventative Maintenance
PMD Program Management Directive
PMO Program Management Office
PMP Program Management Plan
PNEK Post-Nuclear Event Key
POM Program Objective Memorandum
PPL Preferred Products List (a section in the Information Systems Security Products
and Services Catalogue)
PRBAC Partition Rule Base Access Control
PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROPIN Proprietary Information
PSDU Physical Layer Service Data Unit
PSL Protected Services List
PTT Push-to-Talk
PWA Printed Wiring Assembly
PWDS Protected Wireline Distribution System
QOT&E Qualification Operational Test and Evaluation
QT&E Qualification Test and Evaluation
RAC Repair Action
RACE Rapid Automatic Cryptographic Equipment
RAM Random Access Memory
RCCI Regional Computer Crime Investigator
R&D Research and Development
RFP Request For Proposal
ROM Read-Only Memory
RQT Reliability Qualification Tests
SAISS Subcommittee on Automated Information Systems Security (of the NTISSC)
SAMS Semi-Automatic Message Switch
SAO Special Access Office
SAP 1. System Acquisition Plan
2. Special Access Program
SARK SAVILLE Advanced Remote Keying
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCOMP Secure Communications Processor
SCP System Concept Paper
SDNRIU Secure Digital Net Radio Interface Unit
SDNS Secure Data Network System
SDR System Design Review
SFA Security Fault Analysis
SI Special Intelligence
SIGSEC Signals Security
SISS Subcommittee on Information Systems Security (of the NSTISSC)
SMM Special Mission Mandatory Modification
SMO Special Mission Optional Modification
SMU Secure Mobile Unit
SON Statement of Operational Need
SOW Statement of Work
SPK Single Point Key(ing)
SPO System Program Office
SPS Scratch Pad Store
SRR System Requirements Review
SSO Special Security Officer
SSR Software Specification Review
ST&E Security Test and Evaluation
STAR System Threat Assessment Report
STD Standard
STS Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security (of the NTISSC)
STU Secure Telephone Unit
TA Traffic Analysis
TACTED Tactical Trunk Encryption Device
TACTERM Tactical Terminal
TAG TEMPEST Advisory Group
TAISS Telecommunications and Automated Information Systems Security
TASO Terminal Area Security Officer
TCB Trusted Computing Base
TCD Time Compliance Data
TCSEC (DoD) Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TD Transfer Device
TDBI Trusted Data Base Interpretation (of the TCSEC)
T&E Test and Evaluation
TED Trunk Encryption Device
TEI Trusted Evaluated Interpretation (of the TCSEC)
TEK Traffic Encryption Key
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TEMPEST Compromising Emanations
TEP TEMPEST Endorsement Program
TFM Trusted Facility Manual
TFS Traffic Flow Security
TLS Top-Level Specification
TNI Trusted Network Interpretation (of the TCSEC)
TNIEG Trusted Network Interpretation Environment Guideline
TPC Two-Person Control
TPI Two-Person Integrity
TPWG Test Planning Working Group
TRANSEC Transmission Security
TRB Technical Review Board
TRI-TAC Tri-Service Tactical Communications System
TRR Test Readiness Review
TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasure
TSEC Telecommunications Security
TSK Transmission Security Key
UA User Agent
UIRK Unique Interswitch Rekeying Key
UIS User Interface System
UK Unique Key
UPP User Partnership Program
USDE Undesired Signal Data Emanations
USER ID User Identification
VDT Video Display Terminal
V Model Advanced Development Model
VST VINSON Subscriber Terminal
VTT VINSON Trunk Terminal
WAN Wide Area Network
WWMCCS Worldwide Military Command and Control System
XDM/X Model Experimental Development Model/Exploratory Development Model

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