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Re: <nettime> Debt Campaign Launch
John Hopkins on Sat, 10 Dec 2011 21:52:03 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Debt Campaign Launch

ei folks --

To refer back to the title of this thread, why exactly should people
reimburse their loans to these Monopolists? What exactly is their
moral obligation to Justice and Equality before the Lord God of
Almighty Debt?

which begs the question, for me, why they decided to participate in
the process of higher eduction to begin with. That is also a part of
this picture: just as the step of fiscal investment is sold to people
because you can get fiscal (and thus social) rewards, the step of
educational 'intellectual' investment is sold to get fiscal rewards.
I think there needs to be a critique of anyone coming to that table
to begin with. Being seduced is being seduced. Where are the voices
of those who have stepped away from that table completely? Is there
anyone who is willing to reject the 'intellectual' debt and strike
out on their own 'raising' of intellectual capital -- or, better yet,
skipping the capital concept altogether, and simply blazing their own
intellectual AND fiscal pathway through life: not just skip out on
participating in the (clearly flawed) fiscal part of the system, but
also the (clearly flawed) intellectual/educational part too!!

 (and an aside, Brian -- "The Eighth Day: Social Evolution as
the Self-organizing of Energy" by Richard Newbold Adams is a good
(dense) outline which grounds social development in the principles of
thermodynamics instead of the abstractions of sociology and economy
and politics -- a close read will make you realize the Marx missed
the boat because his labor 'principle' isn't firmly grounded in any
physical principles (i.e., thermodynamics)...)


John Hopkins
Watching the Tao rather than watching the Dow!

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