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<nettime> Plenary Talk Abstracts of the Conference "Critique, Democracy,
Christian Fuchs on Sun, 25 Dec 2011 18:18:45 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Plenary Talk Abstracts of the Conference "Critique, Democracy, and Philosophy in 21st Century Information Society" (Uppsala, 2-4 May 2012)

Critique, Democracy, and Philosophy in 21st Century Information Society
Towards Critical Theories of Social Media
The Fourth ICTs and Society-Conference
Uppsala University, May 2nd-4th, 2012.

The collected abstracts of the plenary talks are now available:

Opening Plenary
Vincent Mosco (Queenâs University, Canada): Marx is Back, but Will Knowledge Workers of the World Unite? On the Critical Study of Labour, Media, and Communication Today Graham Murdock (Loughborough University, UK): The Digital Lives of Commodities: Consumption, Ideology and Exploitation Today

Featuring plenary talks by Andrew Feenberg, Catherine McKercher, Charles Ess, Christian Christensen, Christian Fuchs, Gunilla Bradley, Mark Andrejevic, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Peter Dahlgren, Tobias Olsson, Trebor Scholz, Ursula Huws, Wolfgang Hofkirchner.

Abstract submission: open until February, 2012 29 (deadline)
ATTENTION: We recommend EARLY submission of abstracts way before the deadline because the presentation slots are limited and abstracts will be reviewed continuously starting in early January 2012. Once all presentation slots are filled, the submission process will be closed.
Submission information:

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