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<nettime> tripleC: Table of Contents Vol. 9 (2011)
Christian Fuchs on Mon, 26 Dec 2011 11:38:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> tripleC: Table of Contents Vol. 9 (2011)

tripleC: Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society
Edited by Christian Fuchs

tripleC is a peer-review open access journal that focuses on information society studies and studies of media, digital media, information and communication in society with a special interest in critical studies in these thematic areas. It is indexed in Scopus, Communication and Mass Media Complete, Sociological Abstracts.

The 2012 volume will feature besides regular contributions the three special issues âMarx is Back â The Importance of Marxist Theory and Research for Critical Communication Studies Todayâ (edited by Christian Fuchs and Vincent Mosco), "Political Economy and Critical Theory of the Internet {AT} Nordmedia 2011" (edited by Christian Fuchs and GÃran Bolin), âThe Difference that Makes a Difference 2011â (edited by David Chapman and Magnus Ramageâ).


Table of Contents Vol. 9 (2011)

Vol 9, No 2 (2011)
* Privacy as Invisibility: Pervasive Surveillance and the Privatization of Peer-to-Peer Systems
Francesca Musiani, 126-140
* Selling You and Your Clicks: Examining the Audience Commodification of Google
Hyunjin Kang, Matthew P. McAllister, 141-153
* Can Online Forums Be Designed to Empower Local Communities?
Kerill Dunne, 154-174
* Consumer Protection in Cyberspace
Oscar H. Gandy, Jr., 175-189
* Neoliberalism in the Information Age, or Vice Versa? Global Citizenship, Technology, and Hegemonic Ideology
Robert Neubauer, 195-230
* Communicative Informatics: An Active and Creative Audience Framework of Social Media
Linda M. Gallant, Gloria M. Boone, 231-246
* Can Environmental Governance Benefit From an ICT-Social Capital Nexus in Civil Society?
Subas P. Dhakal, 551-565
* Critical Surveillance Studies in the Information Society
Thomas Allmer, 566-592
* Avatar: A Marxist Saga on the Far Distant Planet
Yong Tang, 657-557
* From Seven Years to 360 Degrees: Primitive Accumulation, the Social Common, and the Contractual Lockdown of Recording Artists at the Threshold of Digitalization
Matt Stahl, 668-688
* Social Networking and Transnational Capitalism
David Kreps, 689-701

* Two New Critical Internet Studies-Books: Marcus Breenâs âUprisingâ and Eran Fisherâs âMedia and New Capitalism in the Digital Ageâ
Christian Fuchs, 190-194
* Critical Media and Communication Studies Today. A Conversation
Christian Fuchs, Dwayne Winseck, 247-271

Special Issue: ICTs and Society - A New Transdiscipline?
Edited by Joseph E. Brenner and Celina Raffl, 593-656 (introduction + 5 contributions)

Special Issue: Towards a New Science of Information
Edited by Wolfgang Hofkirchner, 272-550 (introduction + 31 contributions)

Vol 9, No 1 (2011)
* Doing Research, Doing Politics: ICT Research as a Form of Activism
Juliet Webster, 1-10
* Embracing Technology and the Challenges of Complexity
Alice Robbin, 11-27
* Social Media for Digital and Social Inclusion: Challenges for Information Society 2.0 Research & Policies
Pieter Verdegem, 28-38
* From Financialization to Low and Non-Profit: Emerging Media Models for Freedom
Nuria Almiron-Roig, 39-61
* Deconstructing Benthamâs Panopticon: The New Metaphors of Surveillance in the Web 2.0 Environment
Manuela Farinosi, 62-76
* Information â is it Subjective or Objective?
Andrzej Stanislaw Zaliwski, 77-92
* The Need for an Informational Systems Approach to Security
Josà MarÃa DÃaz NafrÃa, 93-122

* Book Review: Signs of Science - Linguistics meets Biology
Robert Prinz, 123-125

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