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Re: <nettime> Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer..
mp on Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:32:57 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer..

On 11/07/12 16:14, Newmedia {AT} aol.com wrote:

> John:
>> Propaganda for official, state, religious, commercial and their
>> UNIFIED agenda has ALWAYS been the primary source of funding for
>> intellectual labor.
> Always is a long time. Indeed, it usually isn't a very good
> description of *these* times in which we live (whenever those times
> might be.)
> And rarely have the POLITICAL (i.e. official), MILITARY (i.e.
> state), IDEOLOGICAL (i.e. religious) and ECONOMIC (i.e. commercial)
> elites had a *unified* agenda.

It might well be true - and certainly makes for a more sopisticated
theoretical approach in academic terms - that the elite groups do not
have a unified agenda - if you view the world from their perspective.

But I don't.

I see things from the bottom, next to the homeless, the junkies, the
drunks, the indigenous, the losers and the-can't-be-choosers, just to
name a few,

and from this angle the agenda is pretty fucking unified:

MORE MORE MORE land, buildings, power and money to the few, less
freedom and everything else to the many.

> That's what makes history interesting.

... or why academics etc. live in the illusion that they are changing
the world and have an understanding that is far from as crude as the
radical, complaining illiterates that suggest that the elite has a
unified agenda.

As composer Martin Hall wrote in the mid 90s: "The Third World War has
already begun, it is the war for our consciousness". And if you want
to let the elites hide behind brain candy exercises in the name of
theoretical sophistication, then the war is lost and the consciousness
of change has been domesticated, precisely as noted above:

"their UNIFIED agenda has ALWAYS been the primary source of funding
for intellectual labor."



Ideological = church ... I thought they were a commercial outfit and
that the ideological ones were the marketeers?!?

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