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Re: <nettime> Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer..
mp on Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:38:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Eric X. Li: Democracy Is Not the Answer..

On 11/07/12 20:05, flick harrison wrote:

> That's a good analysis Dan,
> I agree that Chinese society needed, in some way, to recuperate
> after a crazy period of upheaval? but to be lasting, political
> solutions need to be participatory and open. Any "harmony" enforced
> with bayonets and tanks, i.e. in Tibet, Kashmir, and Xinjiang,
> should hardly be called such.

So, the "harmony" of enclosures, the introduction of private property
to organise the means of production and circulation of commodities,
and the necessary/complementary thanatocratic laws to protect this
system, the introduction of police, building of armies and the vote
every four years - all those things that make up the best system in
the world - democrazy - were participatory and open? At any rate,
they seem to be lasting - several hundred years so far - and people
cheerleading them on mailing lists still today.

> For instance, would we judge the Nazi regime by their stated goal of
> a thousand-year racially-pure German Reich? I guess we could judge
> them a failure, anyway, since they ended up many steps back when it
> all wrapped up, but it's wrong-headed to go there.

Many steps back? The German industrial miracle, the basic science
for the Apollo programme and hence most subsequent rocket science,
not to mention genetic science, and the strongest economy in Europe,
that is the outcome so far. A few steps back, perhaps, but a giant
leap forward and clearly part of the democratic process: fascism is a
mask that liberals put on whenever the scam of democracy is about to


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