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<nettime> EUscreen exhibitions released
Erwin Verbruggen on Wed, 22 Aug 2012 09:04:47 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> EUscreen exhibitions released

Dear madam/sir,

EUscreen makes thousands of items from Europe’s television history
freely available through its online portal and through the European
heritage portal Europeana. The project now announces its online
exhibitions, a new addition to the portal that helps users, educators
and the general audience to get the most out of this exciting

We would like to warmly invite you to visit
http://www.euscreen.eu/exhibitions.html and to share the news in your
publication, within your networks and to interested friends and

Please find the full press release and audiovisual materials at

Thank you for attention, apologies for any possible cross-posts,
Erwin Verbruggen // EUscreen consortium

== Press text:

The EUscreen collection includes thousands of items. To help users get
the most from the EUscreen material, researchers, experts and members
of its partner broadcasters and audiovisual archives have created a
series of online exhibitions. These exhibitions cover historical
events, political debates and everyday life in Europe.

The current release, visible at
http://www.euscreen.eu/exhibitions.html, brings online 10 different
exhibitions, some of which are divided into subchapters or strands.
The exhibitions are created by archivists, researchers, and

Johan Oomen, EUscreen Technical Director: These inter-archival
exhibitions add new meaning to a wonderful collection of unique
television materials and make them accessible to a different and
larger audience; soon, visitors will be able to create their own
stories and add more connections between the richness of 60 years of
television history in Europe.

Expert knowledge and a fascinating range of materials combine to offer
exciting exhibitions on a wide range of subjects. A fine example of
such an exhibition is the exhibition Being European, which brings
together source materials from providers across the continent and is
divided in multiple strands that showcase what European culture and
identity may signify.

The tools designed for these exhibitions allow for the insertion of
multimedia materials from all the project’s content providers and link
back to the original items on the site, where users can find out more
about them, share the links or get in touch with the providers
themselves. Many more exhibitions will become available over the next
couple of months and EUscreen is working hard to get the tools ready
for everyone to start creating their own exhibitions.

== END

Erwin Verbruggen
Project employee, Research & Development
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

T +31 35 677 1691
M +31 615 360 371
Skype erwinverbruggen

Discover Europe's Television Heritage at www.euscreen.eu
Join the Film Scanning Interest Group at prestocentre.org/cinexpres

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