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<nettime> Critical Facebook Research Asks for Crowdfunding
Theo Röhle on Thu, 23 Aug 2012 14:38:06 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Critical Facebook Research Asks for Crowdfunding

Dear nettimers,

about a year ago we published an anthology called 'Generation  
Facebook'. It contains ground-breaking theoretical papers and essays  
by leading international scholars such as Saskia Sassen, Geert Lovink  
and Mark Andrejevic. It is used widely in university teaching,  
received critical acclaim by the press and is deemed invaluable by  
media activists. So what's the catch? Right now, the book is only  
available in German.

We think that this outstanding collection deserves an international  
audience. We also think that the contributions should be freely  
available in an Open Access format. Since we don?t have the means to  
make this happen all by ourselves, we decided to ask you (a.k.a ?the  
crowd?) for support to:

a) cover the production costs for an Open Access version that is  
freely available right from the beginning.
b) finance translations of texts that originally were contributed in  

If you think this is a project that is worth your attention (and maybe  
even your money), please take a look at our funding website:


You can find more information about the German version on our German  
publisher?s website:


Please help us to spread the word and to turn this into a successful  
experiment; please forward this email to anyone potentially interested  
and any mailing lists you see fit.

All the best,
Oliver Leistert & Theo R?hle
(editors 'Generation Facebook')

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