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<nettime> Geopolitics and Internet
Eduardo Valle on Mon, 18 Feb 2013 09:01:55 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Geopolitics and Internet

Geopolitics and internet 


You must have in mind some things:

a) Technology is not neutral and thats no difference in Digital Technology and Internet

b) Merchant Order and Cities, putting things on a historical perspective in geopolitical terms

Merchant Order and Cities

Bruge ---- the central rudder stock
Venice ---- the caravel
Antwerp ---- printing
Genoa ----- accounting
Amsterdam --- the fluyt
London --- the steam engine
Boston ---- the piston engine
New York --- the electric engine
Los Angeles --- the microchip

c) Second about the shift of paradigm in the order city to still maintain geopolitical control

XX                                                   XXI

Oncle Sam                                            Oncle Google

Holywood, California , USA                           Silicon Valley, California, USA

Simulation and Representation Industry               Simulation and Programming Industry

d) how the geopolitical control is related to enterprises each one dominating one field related to the geopolitical control and the digital condition

Facebook ---- network control
Linkedin ---- professional control
Google ------ search control
Apple -------- creative control
Amazon ------- publishers control
Microsoft ---- enterprises control
ICANN --------- traffic control
Intel --------- speed control
Linux --------- open source control

We can go on talking about telecom tech, financing and stockchanges softwares systems (FINAZISM), sattelite tech and many more

related to the digital technologies and the Internet.
STUPID is disconsider history and not know that history is repeating itself.
And there is people that thinks they are free ...
Duda Valle


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