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<nettime> we are all damned
Alan Sondheim on Sat, 16 Feb 2013 10:23:08 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> we are all damned

[post dorner rhetoric: read this:

"San Bernardino County sheriff.s officials said they tried to force
the suspect to surrender before accidentally setting the cabin
where he was holed up on fire when they shot a pyrotechnic chemical
device inside." Yes - "accidently" because "pryotechnic" devices are

we are all damned

Yea, the that's navy, why a he police was officer, in hunted the
officers, navy, and a Yea, police that's officer, why hunted he
officers, was and in engaged won them several won firefights. several
Does firefights. ignoring Does reality ignoring to reality preserve
to engaged preserve them your make happy you little feel view better?
of The world is make that you murdered feel your better? happy The
little is view that of murdered world innocent(and people. unarmed
coward....with people. "c". coward....with Well "c". when Well try
when rat try out rat innocent(and out unarmed corrupted they law start
enforcement their they attacks start against their you? attacks what
against else you? corrupted what law else enforcement do. innocent
You people, all how claim do killed we innocent know? people, Because
how same do do. we You know? all Because claim same killed cops
criminals revealed said be so? criminals Not said defending so? him,
Not just defending playing him, cops just revealed playing be devil's
with advocate. his Plus, training, with I his highly training, doubt
I hes highly dead. doubt devil's hes advocate. dead. Plus, believe
before did SOTU, end humiliation it fact before couldnt SOTU, stop
humiliation one fact man... couldnt believe stop did one end man...
it We on shall record see. (which were msnbc caught fox on news
record or (which any msnbc We fox shall news see. or were any caught
mainstream burn would house never down. air), amy saying not burn
agree house but down. few amy mainstream not would agree never but
air), few saying things They made cared obvious: for They Due cared
Process for Constitutional Due right Process tried Constitutional
things right made tried obvious: by ALL jury factual peers, evidence
WITH presented. ALL Was factual first evidence American presented. US
Was by first jury American peers, US WITH Soil if authorized spotted
drone (we strike see if well spotted those (we go see overseas, well
Soil those authorized go drone overseas, strike 1200 dead children
counting). dead Regardless counting). criminal, Regardless our
criminal, judicial our system judicial has system 1200 has children
shown swore care uphold. law, know swore EVERYTHING uphold. transpired
know here, EVERYTHING this transpired real here, shown this care real
law, story, are is, expected re it. told calling thing him are hero,
expected again, it. Devil's calling story, him is, hero, re again,
told Devil's thing Advocate. been He brought should court have PEERS,
been public brought forum, court so PEERS, could public Advocate.
forum, He so should could have reveal add side, more WHY this, did..
about To who add fired more people this, due about reveal who side,
fired WHY people did.. due To mistaken where identity, investigation
where criminal investigation charges criminal into charges that? into
41 that? 71 41 mistaken 71 identity, year hispanic old women hispanic
cretainly women meet cretainly description, meet truck description,
had truck burned, had year burned, old still it? looking What it?
mean What miserably mean failed miserably officer failed lied officer
female lied still female looking supervisor own cover mistakes own
like mistakes tiny like man tiny was, man completely was, couple
completely supervisor couple cover included success young loser
black two success good loser officers two didn't good even officers
brains didn't included even young brains black get creep mexico
brother every (of creep nationality) brother successfully (of fled.
nationality) Too successfully bad fled. get Too mexico bad every take
that, aim since at don't you, seem that, appreciate since person don't
situation seem hurt appreciate take person aim situation at hurt you,
care, defend whether not. defend "The not. people" "The So people"
soldiers, So police, soldiers, homicidal police, care, homicidal
whether maniacs, etc... psychopaths, lack etc... fear. lack That fear.
makes That murderer makes nothing murderer more. nothing maniacs,
more. psychopaths, Feeling need need label label someone someone
something something solely solely appease appease feelings feelings
weakness. weakness. Feeling honey, 13 ive olds, shot i 13 protect
olds, CONSTITUTION i enemies protect foreign CONSTITUTION domestic.
enemies honey, foreign ive domestic. shot Just do, because will dont
give it, my doesnt life dont. rights, do, no will amtter give Just
my because life dont rights, it, no doesnt amtter dont. other SWORE
deserves TO. not, Glad why, can SWORE LAPD TO. proven Glad capable
can wrose LAPD other proven deserves capable not, wrose why, crimes.
back If barn, MSNBC sheep. then But back open barn, mind sheep.
possibility But being open crimes. mind If possibility MSNBC being
then full three story... sides there everything, three Side sides
A, everything, B, Side truth. A, Usually, B, full truth. story...
Usually, there places both cnn, Hence A mostly B. troll Never these
both pages Hence use mostly some troll places these cnn, pages A use
B. some Never critical REALLY? thinking. bold REALLY? faced bold liar!
faced STAND liar! FOR STAND NOTHING!!! FOR Donser NOTHING!!! critical
Donser thinking. DEFENDED also HIM, lawyer, HE righteous LOST!! sue?
also His lawyer, actions righteous PROVE sue? HIS His DEFENDED actions
YOURS!!!!! It It sounds sounds yourself, yourself, bitterness
bitterness NOT NOT CHARACTER!!! result righteousness!! result Your
righteousness!! statements Your pure statements slander, pure shows
slander, anti-government, anti-government, anti anti rhetoric.
rhetoric. military, military, many many terrorists terrorists blew
blew up up airlines, Camp nutcase Pendleton, opened does Camp heroes!
Pendleton, sir does an heroes! idiot! sir Bold an airlines, idiot!
nutcase Bold opened liar? seen Have track seen enforcement? track
Anti enforcement? government? Anti Maybe, government? ruin Maybe,
everything ruin liar? everything Have touch. anything tell profits.
truth, Im anything slandering profits. anyone, Im mind. slandering
My anyone, county mind. touch. My tell county truth, sheriffs, them.
Damn Why? proud arent them. giving Why? gun arent control giving
crap gun congress control sheriffs, crap Damn congress proud trying
going pass refuse (IE orders going confiscation). refuse Ive orders
am confiscation). abiding. Ive follow am trying abiding. pass follow
(IE law. helping Part down time computer helping skills. down me,
computer accuse skills. slander. me, Hypocrasy accuse law. slander.
Part Hypocrasy time its think? finest, bitter, think? learned bitter,
long learned ago long thinking ago research, thinking ask research,
its ask finest, questions. sir, Apparently, wish sir, luck wish
future. luck shooting future. 2 shooting elderly 2 women, elderly
questions. women, Apparently, obviously Chris looked Dorner.. Chris
Dorner Dorner.. given Dorner fair given trial. fair Judge trial.
Yafee Judge obviously Yafee looked accepted over over $500,000.00
$500,000.00 illegal illegal payments. payments. lie lie judges judges
bribed. bribed. This This accepted petition petition corrupt corrupt
entities entities investigated investigated excessive excessive force.
force. Sign Sign remember remember deadline webpage . facebook Post
email webpage friends, facebook co email workers, friends, family co
victims workers, deadline family . victims Post simply based harassed
ethnicity based want ethnicity big want Brother big watching Brother
too watching stroke too simply stroke harassed out... valid valid
gripes... gripes... kill kill innocents?? innocents?? lose lose
vote! vote! significant significant strides strides out... circuit..
outfit... maybe rest better peace ver from outfit... me... rest a:
peace sorry from cope, me... circuit.. a: maybe sorry better cope,
ver sad. apparently Let im me stupid apparently blind im 'real stupid
truth', blind government 'real always truth', sad. government Let
always me right... Marijuana Do (and really ahve Marijuana smoked (and
anyone ahve suggests smoked such anyone thing.) suggests right... such
Do thing.) really making cause legal crime cause rate crime soar/open
rate harder soar/open drugs/kill harder people? drugs/kill may people?
making may legal treated fairly fairly firing firing LAPD. LAPD.
license license except except under under most most perverse perverse
treated interpretation Second interpretation Amendment Second which,
Amendment unfortunately, which, nuts unfortunately, advocating. nuts
sympathy murderer; murderer; but, but, honest. honest. "accidentally"
"accidentally" set set place place afire afire pyrotechnic pyrotechnic
sympathy device.!? problem Really? doing problem purpose doing
believed purpose safest believed way safest avoid way others avoid
device.!? others Really? injured common killed, sense! defies wants
common - sense! And wants blatantly - recorded And audio blatantly
injured recorded killed, audio defies video... less... top won't prior
about? less... taken won't revenge about? screwed taken then, revenge
ok. screwed video... then, top ok. prior wrong. Only Only Mafia,
Mafia, officials officials that. that. ONE ONE named named manifesto,
manifesto, consider consider wrong. dedicated. dedicated. took took
"opportunistic" "opportunistic" approach, approach, which which labels
labels coward. coward. dedication dedication words, words, decided
decided easiest easiest course course action, action, innocent,
innocent, unsuspecting unsuspecting victims. victims. cannot stand
stand behind behind nothing. nothing. Can't Can't comments. comments.
next next think think wrongfully wrongfully cannot treated, treated,
gather gather arsenal; arsenal; issue issue manifesto; manifesto;
constitution constitution God-given God-given so. so. raping boss
pillaging. disciplined boss today, disciplined I'm today, everyone.
I'm At everyone. least At posters least raping posters pillaging.
newsvine gonna gonna ever ever way..you way..you supporters supporters
way. way. heard heard wrongs wrongs right?..neither right?..neither
newsvine 4..idiots. process say trial? denied turned process himself
trial? in. turned knew himself die in. sure knew 4..idiots. die
say sure denied wasn't turn captured done. turn through done.
another through agency, another wanted. agency, used wanted. wonder
used wasn't wonder captured considering seems seems be, be, looks
looks indeed indeed INNOCENT INNOCENT couple. couple. Supposedly,
Supposedly, taunted taunted considering father chief (ex-police
Quan, chief defended Quan, during defended inquiry) during thought
inquiry) Quan thought fight Quan father fight (ex-police felt Court.
got So, deal help Kangaroo him. Court. Still, So, daughter help her
him. fiance. Still, felt daughter got her deal fiance. Kangaroo
horrible. NO There EXCUSE NO killing EXCUSE tear killing gas--NOT tear
pyrotechnics. gas--NOT Tear pyrotechnics. gas Tear horrible. gas There
notorious starting starting fires fires flame flame sparks sparks
(short (short electricity electricity off). off). fire fire notorious
accidental. #1.22 anyway. Fri Maybe Feb off 15, gas. 2013 #1.22 10:27
Fri PM Feb EST 15, accidental. 2013 anyway. 10:27 Maybe PM off EST

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