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Re: <nettime> 200k Caymans companies hijacked to democratize offshore bu
Jaromil on Sun, 24 Feb 2013 19:09:02 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> 200k Caymans companies hijacked to democratize offshore business - Press Release

caro Paolo,

> On Fri, Feb 15 2013, Jaromil <jaromil {AT} dyne.org> wrote:
> > re all,
> > Loophole for All - http://Loophole4All.com
> > now, how do we call this art? :^) accountancy art?

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013, Paolo Cirio wrote:
> hopefully serious art curators/critics will have an answer for your
> wonder.  for me the question is more legislative and about governance
> of the future.

This is clear to most of us. I like your art project very much.

> the question for you is if we really need an anonymous currency or
> that is actually against the idea of financial transparency and social
> accountability.

It is overwhelming to answer a question about "our future legislative
and governance forms" as in my thoughts I tend to reject universals and
focus on processes.  However I'll try the stunt as an hommage to your
project, while I'll be soon publishing a longer article on the topic of

My opinion is that accountability beyond national borders is a very
important and complex issue, for which finance was created in the first

Please note that there can't be total transparency: you'll always deal
with depth and on multiple dimensions. Simply put, transparency is just
an higher number of fractal iterations, it will always be relative to
the position of the viewer.

I don't even think that "total financial transparency" is a long-term
solution to the problems afflicting the countries that are subjugated by
IMF, but increasing transparency will certainly help sorting out the
mess in which we are right now, especially on the big numbers.

Yet I believe that cash, not as in anonymous, but pseudonimic currency
(anonimity today is just like neutrality: a sometimes reachable utopia,
or a TAZ) is an important part for egalitarian and enclosed societies.

I also believe that, besides a degree of financial transparency, "the
open societies that will come" (OMG!) should provide open APIs and SDKs
for the communities within them to adopt complementary currency schemes
that can peacefully plug into larger systems.


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