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Re: <nettime> NSA-spying-on-Europe outrage somewhat disingenuous
John Young on Tue, 2 Jul 2013 22:26:16 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> NSA-spying-on-Europe outrage somewhat disingenuous

Well yelled, Heiko.

The paradox is that whatever is done to improve anything the
results are worse, so we say, then forget about it. The spies
are not satisfied with their spying, nor are their paymasters
satisfied without more secret spying, nor citizens with their
governments demanding more taxation and diminishing civil
liberties. Let's get a beer.

We architects continue to build miserable cities and savage
the landscape and complain of low fees and insufficient work,
doctors fail at providing accessible health care and complain
about regulation and slow payments, lawyers ineptly fail their
jailed clients and demand better law schools and more courts
and prisons, academics lecture, write, orate and cut classes to
screw their students financially and carnally, freedom fighters
become filthy rich murderous tyrants to buy armaments from
mendacious suppliers coddled by governments, comsec
coders sell their brains to cybersecurity hoodlums who rush
to buttress bumbling spies. From day one, so we say, and
down another.

None of us, perhaps a few, some on this list, quietly disengage
to shelve their highly educated rampaging ambitions to rise to
the top, by hook or crook, instead to putter in a garden to raise
chaw for their toothless gums dedentified by unforgiveable
predation, liquor, drugs and gastronomy. Ah, fuck it, let's dance.

That yelled, why not crowd the internet to rage against the world's
greatest spying machine invented to appear to be almost free
to encourge futile raging against the machine we fuel, coddle,
massage, cultivate, promote, indoctrinate, prate yea and nay,
and buy expensive gadgets and pay ISPs through the nose for.
Hold it, I got to pee.

For fun, read "Tubes," by Andrew Blum, to gnash gums at the
delirium of good luckers who run the machine for we spittling
dolts, none of them bitching about the pleasant invisible work,
on the contrary bragging about being able to anonymously spy
on the spies, their bosses, lovers, bankers, lawyers, architects,
professors, governments, contractors, tyrants, coders,
anonymizers, hell, billions of auto-deluded suckers of the
Tubes of the world's biggest pharma.

Call me a taxi. Watch out, I'm puking.

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