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<nettime> Florian Camer on his book Anti-Media at WORM Rotterdam in an 8
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<nettime> Florian Camer on his book Anti-Media at WORM Rotterdam in an 8 hour lecture (September 13th 2013)

PRESS 8 hour improvised lecture by Florian Camer on Anti-Media at WORM Rotterdam

An in    Inspiring connection of underground and subculture with art and media theory
"Anti-m"Media is what remains if one debunks the notion of media but can?t get rid of it."
In Anti-Media Florian Cramer shows, through a close reading of cultural expressions and an analysis of media and art criticism, how these constantly refer to their traditions, languages and media while simultaneously trying to subvert them. In 28 articles Cramer presents and analyses subcultures with clearly recognizable expressions ? from Internet porn to neo-Nazis and anti-copyright activists.
Florian Cramer introduces the term ?anti-media?. He states that besides art there is also anti-art, and that ?media? is a term as fuzzy as ?art?. Both ?art? and ?media? refuse to go away. Anti-media is what remains if one debunks the notion of media but can?t get rid of it. In this exciting collection of essays Florian Cramer deals with various topics and manifestations ? from the creative industry, art, pop culture and seventeenth-century poetry to electronic literature, amateurism, post-digitality, Rotterdam and Rosicrucianism. High, low and subcultures are no longer separate, not even in the way in which they refer to themselves and each other.
1.       There is art, and there is anti-art
2.       If that is so, there must also be anti-media
3.       ?Media? as a term is as fuzzy as ?art?
4.       Both ?art? and ?media? refuse to go away
Anti-media is what remains if one debunks the notion of media but can?t get rid of it.
8 hour improvised lecture
The book is a collection of essays on high and low culture, avant-garde and trash: 17th century experimental poetry, music machines, Neonazi communication guerilla, Alvin Lucier, Internet porn, anti-copyright, creative industries, post-digitality, Mail Art, Rosicrucianism and hacker cultures, to name only a few. A book on the same obsessions that drive WORM.
Friday, Sept. 13th, 12:00-20:00
Book launch at 16:00 hrs
Entrance is free, you may come and go whenever they want
WORM, ground floor/WORM.shop, Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam
About the Author
Florian Cramer is a practice-oriented research professor for new communication
technologies, their cultures and their impact on art and design professions at Creating
010, Rotterdam University of Applied Science. He also is dean of the Parallel University
of WORM, Rotterdam?s Institute of Avant-gardistic Recreation. Cramer has been writing about literature and the Internet, about computer culture and art, and about the theory and politics of media and art since 1996.
Ephemera on Speculative Arts
Florian Cramer
? 19.50 |  recently published summer 2013 | English edition ISBN 978-90-6208-031-7 | paperback | 264p | 14x21cm | Illustrated (b/w) | series editor: Geert Lovink | cover design: WOAU
nai010 publishers in association with the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, with the support of the Willem De Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
Studies in Network Cultures
With the Studies in Network Cultures series of books, edited by Geert Lovink, the Institute for Network Cultures and nai010 publishers investigate concepts and practices special to network cultures. What are the driving forces behind dynamic networks that rapidly assemble, and can just as quickly disappear? Studies in Network Cultures offers media and culture theoreticians the opportunity to publish their first book.
Also available in this series:
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> Vito Campanelli: Web Aesthetics. How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society
> Matteo Pasquinelli: Animal Spirits. A Bestiary of the Commons
> Eric Kluitenberg: Delusive Spaces. Essays on Culture, Media and Technology
> Ned Rossiter. Organized Networks. Media Theory, Creative Labour, New Insititutions
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