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<nettime> Internet Governance # 7204
Patrice Riemens on Fri, 24 Jan 2014 09:19:55 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Internet Governance # 7204

In re:

Microsoft to shield foreign users? data:


Expert panel to investigate internet governance


Both the announcement by Micro$soft that it will keep the data of
non-americans out of (immediate) reach of the US authorities and the
initiative launched at the Davos WEF to set up a hi-level independant
commission to look at Internet governance after 'Snowden' are good news -
and not that good news.

Starting with the latter, having a committee of foxes and cockerels to
discuss how to run the hen-house doesn't strike one at particularly
helpful. But OK, it's still a lot better than nothing at all. The really
worrying issue is that such committee is likely to look at all kinds of
'problems', advice all kinds of more or less cosmetic 'solutions', and
will studiously refrain from poking at the elephant in the room: not the
matter, but the purpose of the wall-to-wall carpet of surveillance. Since
the argument about 'terrorism' has been irretriviably dented it's clear
that it is the population at large which is the target. Being upfront
about the why won't come easily, even though it is rather obvious.

Now for the good news: whatever you degree of cynicism, the panels are
shifting, and it's most probably 'shit's hit the fan' time in the offices
of power and business. And of breaking ranks, always a good sign of the
former. Of course, one can dismiss it all as eyewash, in which case, if
you haven't done so yet, get real really fast and do your bit to reclaim
your 'technological sovereignty'. And to embrace its less funky downside:
you'll have to settle for considerably less than you get from the
commercials & proprietaries, and worse still you'll have to pay - much
more - for it.

But I think the real issue is about down-sizing 'at all levels and in all
departments', as they used to say in 1968 France. And I really mean at all
levels, everywhere, big time. May be something to think about. Before
being compelled to do so. In much less pleasant circumstances.

(Inter)net governance is us.

Cheers to all,
patrizio & Diiiinooos!

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