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John Young on Fri, 24 Jan 2014 14:42:22 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Internet Governance # 7204

Most saluatory of study committees is that it allows selected hens
to join with the foxes to gloss the unchangable and not least wear
foxskins at Davos. Foxie Jamie Dimon gets a raise after a slap on the
wrist by the hens working closely with the fox conservancy to ruse

The 9/11 Commission was composed of the usual mix of foxes pretending
to be hens and foxes, all with security clearances appropriate for
foxhood, and like all the other 9/11 investigations, classified the
most hen-empowering information "to protect the hens."

Obama promises to bring hens into the fox den to assure the foxes
prevail under laws of foxes. All given security clearances of foxhood
to protect the hens from information that would aid "threatening
competing foxes."

PCLOB was composed of one hen, James Demspey, two foxes, and two foxes
pretending to be hens. All given securithy clearances of foxhood to
protect the hens from threatening competing foxes.

Podesta will set up a pride of foxes to assay how to fatten the hens
before eating them.

Davos WEF, all hyenas, will eat foxes, hens, rabbits, customers of the
great Internet hen house protected by security clearances, business
confidentiality, and copyright issued by the global fox conservancies

The Snowden information foxes pretending to be hens are dripping,
redacting, withholding hen-empowering material to cause no harm to
commercial publishers and billionaire foxes and before all else "to
protect the hens."

This is the foxhood agenda for Internet governance, at the beginning,
now and in the future. Smart hens are cackling with delirium at the
irresistable participation to hang out, opine, study at high-level,
gain grants and construction donations, with their predators. Waste no
time resisting, set up a freedom of information initiative to outfox
the soon headless chickens.

At 12:57 AM 1/24/2014, you wrote:
In re:

Microsoft to shield foreign users' data:


Expert panel to investigate internet governance


Both the announcement by Micro$soft that it will keep the data of
non-americans out of (immediate) reach of the US authorities and the
initiative launched at the Davos WEF to set up a hi-level independant
commission to look at Internet governance after 'Snowden' are good news -
and not that good news.

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